Thursday, April 29, 2010

This IS Texas, after all!

I’m thrilled to be attending my THIRD annual Paper Cowgirl Art            Retreat this  June…

                                      So in this instance, well, here I am!

acowg2                                      (I’ve given up smoking and low cut tops recently)

I am so excited not just for the two days of crafting and hanging with

                      old and new cowgirl friends and bloggers…

                              but also because I’ve signed up for several swaps!

    One of the swaps are 8 x 8 scrapbook pages for each swapper to create

                                     to have a scrapbook to remember our fun weekend.

               I began the pages tonight and it’s getting fun around here!

acowg1            I’m a huge fan of the vintage children’s books and their sweet images…

                                          You are too, I know!

                                                  Here’s just the first page I made, 19 more to go!

         I found the BEST Etsy store Scraps of Time years ago and she is so sweet…

                              she even dug through and personalized my ephemera purchase

                                                      to include specifically cowgirl images!

acowg6                                  Aren’t they just precious?!!

acowg8                                                      Ride those pretty horses, cowgirl!

acowg9                                       Lookie here, there’s even a Susan in this story!

            I’m also signed up with other FUN swaps that I’ll share another day!

        I’m off to the world’s largest flea market Canton Trade Days for this

                                                   Friday, but I’ll see you this weekend, gals!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Blissfully Sheer Shimmery Tulle

                                 I’m in heaven when I’m able to steal a few minutes at the beginning

                                                                              or end of my day        

                                                          to be creative, even if only in a small way…

                                  And I gather my creativity among my blogger friends on most days!

                                           That’s why I love blogging….


                And visiting beautiful blogs and discovering new ones…

                                             as I did in this magazine Blissfully Traveled

                     ama2                                   I decided to make some gorgeous shimmery Tulle and Chiffon Flowers

                                    ama4                                        And to discover some beautiful sites with artists like Christie Repasy


                                                        And stores too!  Vignettes Antiques


                                        Oh, beautiful shimmery fabric creations and a pretty blog…

                                                                               Paper Tales

ama8                                              Buttons, vintage bottles, aged urns and statues…


ama6                                                           Sweet, Sweet  Sweet Magnolias Farm


                                                                Life is pretty at   Chateau de Fleurs

                                                                         I hope you have a beautiful, creative day!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Inspire and Renew your Faith GIVEAWAY!

Life is hard. There’s no doubt about it. I struggle just like everyone else with doubts, fears, anxiety, lack of faith and hopelessness almost every day.

It restores your faith to read the truth and this giveaway book does just that, it gives you the Truth, Hope, Joy, Thankfulness, Inspiration and centers you back to your Faith!

abook                                       When I received an email to offer this book as a giveaway,

                                                            It wasn’t by chance,

                                                                      It was a gift to me and for me to share…

                                                                                                        With YOU!

                                      Thank You to Random House for this book to share and where you

                                                                  also can buy one for yourself or a friend!

                     Please leave a comment and I will draw a name on Monday, May 3rd at 9 a.m.

                      If you blog about this or post the picture and link on your blog I’ll add your name

                                                                          in the pot one more time!

                                 P.S. This drawing is for everyone, wherever you may be in the world!

                                                                         Cast the whole of your care

                          (all your anxieties, all your worries, all your concerns, once and for all)

                                                                                        on Him,

                   for He cares for you affectionately and cares about you watchfully.    (1 Peter 5:7, AMP)


                                                                  ABOUT THIS WONDERFUL BOOK!

Monday, April 26, 2010

We have a Winner!!!

                                                                 I printed out our contestants…

adra1                                   And I put them in a pretty dish, of course, to pick a winner from!

adra2                                                      And shook it up and drew out a slip of paper

                                                               And the winner is…

                        adra3                                          I’ll be contacting you, Marcia from Vintage French Hen!!

                   Don’t fret if you didn’t win, I am having ANOTHER wonderful book giveaway..


                                                 Pastor  Billy Joe Daugherty’s “360 Life”

                                                                       Starting tomorrow, so come back and enter, OK?

Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Winner is Announced on Monday!

                                          First off, here’s a pretty picture to make you happy…

agirl                                  And I just wanted to let you know that I will be picking the winner

                                                  of "This Little Prayer of Mine" Children's Book 

                                                                        tomorrow morning!

                                     So if you’re reading this tonight and want to enter, please do!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hornby Island Eagles

Here's a news story about the Hornby Island, British Columbia bald eagles nest...

Have you seen the LIVE webcam of the bald eagles' baby nest?
They're supposed to hatch this weekend so go HERE to link up to see them.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Pink, Pink Glorious Saturday!

I felt so alive, so blessed with the presence of God’s beauty when I saw these photos from my friend Debie of the trees blooming to overflow in Osaka, Japan where she’s living…aca6

                                                 (THANKS, DEBIE, FOR LETTING ME SHARE!)

                                     No artist could match the tenderness of these pinks, could they?

            And I thought I’d mix in also today on this beautiful PINK SATURDAY WITH OUR  HOST  BEVERLY a few dear vintage cards I found at an antiques shop for a quarter each…

aca1                                                  I’ve framed them up pretty to show you today…

                                                              Soon it will be Mother’s Day!

                                                                       This card was from 1952, written tiny inside…

 aca2a                                        Now back to more beautiful blossoms in Japan…

aca7                                                          I’m so amazed at just how FULL the branches are…

                                                                                 just overflowing!

aca3a                                                             Isn’t this card above just so sweet?!

                                                            And the flowers just keep blooming!

aca8                                                I’d love to have a vase full of these to celebrate

                                                                Pink Saturday, wouldn’t you?!

aca5                                And one last vintage beauty of a card today to share! 

                                               I hope you have a beautiful, flower filled vintage soaked Pink Saturday! 

A Vintage Girl’s Special Day

I’m sharing another special find I discovered at the antiques mall…
I’m a soft heart for vintage wedding collectibles, and I sighed when I saw this beautiful veil…
abveil1                                                  Such a gorgeous patina and, oh, the little pearls!
                                                  I knew it would be perfect among my collection
                                                        of vintage bride and groom cake toppers!
abveil2                                                       I LOVE vintage cake toppers!
abveil3                                              This couple above are one of my favorites!
abveil4                     The flower girls with the bride and groom made this buy really special to me!
abveil5                                                                       I hope you’re enjoying your Friday!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tiny Spaces, Big Impact!

                 I had a tiny window of free time yesterday and stole away to a local antique store.
                      Nothing spells “free time” and “relaxation” to me than an antiques store!
                            I found several goodies and I thought I’d share a couple today…
Actually I’ve always wanted one of these printer drawers because I love the nooks and crannies…
    I also found these small cabinet cards and fell in love with not only the images from long ago,
                                                                   but also the size, perfect!
adraw3             Now I can also display some of the iron pieces I’ve had in a container and not seen…
adraw2                                                           Don’t you just LOVE old envelopes?

                               A few vintage earrings, until I use them in a project, that is..
adraw7                                      My vintage shakers with glitter in them make me smile…
adraw8                                                   A little Martha Stewart glitter works too!
adraw9                                         Here’s a beautiful ring my friend made me, it’s a treasure!
                                        I hope you’re having a wonderful Wednesday and you find
                                                                            some treasures too!  

Linking up to Woo-Hoo Wednesday at Always Nesting!

Sunday, April 18, 2010


I was inspired by a different, more modern styled wreath I saw at a local craft show recently
and decided to make my softer, more romantic wreath…
I purchased the flowers and the wreath form and a gold S at Hobby Lobby and created this beauty!
You can see that I painted my letter and, as usual, knew that it’s ok white but much prettier
I am very pleased with the results and have a new Spring wreath to grace the front door….

Friday, April 16, 2010

Pink Saturday is Happy Day!

Hi, Friends! I'm scrambling around here tonight, Friday night, trying to finish up the craft beauty I wanted to show you for  Pink Saturday with our lovely host Beverly!
but the paint isn't dry yet and it's almost 9:30 p.m. so the sun is obviously not shining, so I can't even take a picture of it tonight even if I do finish it!
So I have a Pink Saturday backup for the moment...
        And you can't beat backup plans,
                       I mean there can't be any booing or moaning...
                                  when you have pink BABIES to share, right?
I just LOVE how creative photography is these days...

Nothing this spectacular was even thought of when I had my babies
in the early to late 1980's....

I feel a bit cheated since all I have were the family pictures with
the bookcase background from Olan Mills with my kids!
AH, but I have a Grandbaby, so we can still dip into the
We've had some pink beauties taken of her professionally since she was born,
and you know how I love to show off this beauty of a baby that she is...

and another one...

these were at six months.
We just did her first year pictures and we're waiting for the edits
so I'm sure I'll share those another day.
Until then, Happy Pink Saturday!
I'll share my craft hopefully on Sunday or Monday!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Free (almost) is Great!

In the last few weeks I've run across blogs advertising this or that being given away for FREE on different sites (except for postage) and I took advantage and I'm so pleased with the results!
The first freebie was oversized giant postcards!
I decided to get the free postcards in a birthday style...
And I'll never be without a card to mail out or if I need one!
plus, these are a great size so there are craft potentials here!
And then I saw free business cards...
And I decided to make mine into blog cards for swaps or for get togethers with other bloggers...
And I used a photo from my wreath I made a couple weeks ago as the background!
Lovely!  I was thrilled!
And even more thrilled when I turned over onto the back where I chose this design for there..

I can see these becoming the beginnings of an ATC card, can't you?!
You can get your free business cards here at Vista Prints
and the free cards at Moo are gone but they have a discount
What else is free, you say?
Well, here's some to ponder....
A free canvas print from
I took advantage of this too with this result...

It's really become one of my fave pictures to display.
And even though it's now over, I also made Tax Day a bit free!
With this coupon...

We got there when they opened and BOY OH BOY
were they crazy busy!
And I don't want you to feel left out so go to
for some FREE fries on Friday, April 16th, ok?!
Tell Jack Suzie Button sent you, ha,ha!

And for dessert you can have free...

by becoming a Fan of them on Facebook.
I know, this is not on the diet!
Have a great Friday!
P.S. Did you sign up yet too to have a chance to win my free children's book?

It runs through April 25th!