Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I love mirrors crafting

I saw this simple vintage mirror at a local antiques store, you know the kind of mirror, those hospital pull out mirrors, and I thought, hmm, for $2.50, I can maybe craft this into something a little more attractive! So I went to the beautiful blue spray paint can and that made it instantly spark! And then I used some of my crepe ribbon to bring it all together and added a sweet little girl image to set it off. I think it turned out so adorable! And it cheers up my office.
Happy Wednesday! Suzie Button

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  1. You are in my Halloween Swap!!! YEAH!!!
    Feel free to add the logo to your blog.
    Please send your full address and email address to me at
    so I can match you with your swap partner!!!!
    Hugs, Amy
    (PS...I am a huge lover of mirrors....I just can't seem to stop buying them...LOL)