Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bloom, Flowers, Bloom!

I'm feelin' a BLOOM craze comin' on! I DO!
I started watching an adorable flower video over at Cosmo Cricket blog and it led to a whole
                                      F-L- -W-E-R Garden.
Oh, yes it did!
So begin with Cosmo Cricket...

I love the simple, but architectural building of her flower!
And then I JUST found...

Such a cute chicky with a funky beautiful flower over at Paper Trunk 
Just found her blog, love it already!
Now I must admit right here I own NO scalloped ciruclar punches, or ANY circle or square punches! NO! I've really never known what to do with them! NOW I KNOW!
Michaels crafts, I'm printin' off the coupon and I'll be there shortly!
There's so many adorable flowers out there! LOTS!
Next is another new blog for me Cupcakes Creations...

Now I'm supposed to be asleep RIGHT NOW because I have to get up early so no more chattin', ok?
I cannot caption the news tomorrow accurately if I'm sleepy 'cause I'm staying up blogging so...
I'm just posting a few more links to flower tutorials so we can all plant our Spring Flowers, ok?

And you can find the links to all kinds of flower gals over at the YouTube pages, ok?

Dryer sheet flowers, I feel SO Green!
One more, that's IT, Oh, geez it's ALMOST morning already!     Just kidding!

Oh, the world of flowers is just BLOOMIN' in my brain!
Go ahead, sit down, and watch to your heart's delight and BLOOM too!
Love and Kisses on a Sunday to my blog gal-friends!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Happy PINK Saturday (With Life!)

Good weekend to you! I hope winters moving on out just a little bit wherever you are. It can't decide here in Dallas, TX, whether it wants to try to be Spring or just stay in dreary wet winter. That's typical here though.
I wanted to share a little neat Modern Mom Scrapbooking Kit that I purchased for my daughter Megan this past Christmas.
Since it was cold and dreary Friday in Dallas, we decided to get her pages begun and finished in the afternoon. Luckily Aunt Katie got sweet baby Madison down for a nap with her watching television so we could concentrate on setting it up...
It's called Project Life by Becky Higgins and it's a system that makes scrapbooking an every day possibility for busy Moms who want to track their, well, LIFE!
I was the picture cropper and Megan was the journaler and page creator!
Here's the intro page...
And then we're going to have the PINK to show you in a few shots...

There's Madison with her Daddy and her cute pink hat
even a little sewing lesson from me, her Grammie!
(I KNOW, I'm too young looking to be a Grammie! Ha,ha!)

The adorable Pink shirt picture is Madison (as her Mommy puts it) saying...
HEEEEEEYYYYY! With a Texas drawl.
My favorite is the bottom right where Megan's trying to study
and Madison
is trying to grab the pencils through the glass tabletop!
Sweetie Pie!
Madison fell asleep in her highchair in her PINK shirt!
It's so exhausting being a baby!
Below is a picture of everything that's included in the kit...
I think this is perfect for the busy Mom that Megan is
and it got me inspired to start once again on the
Christmas scrapbook that I need to finish!
A nice way to spend the afternoon!
For more fun visit
and have a beautiful Pink Saturday, friends!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hope Springs Eternal!

I wish I had a green thumb. I love flowers and I love dirt, the smell of earth and soil, but, alas, my thumb is brown.
I have to tell you, I have NO real flowers in my home, NONE! It's sad, I know!
My mother.... (via maybe the early 1960s here)

had the green thumb for sure!
We always had a windowsill full of plants, I especially remember
African Violets.
Plus there were flowers growing around the house,
and to boot,
a vegetable garden.
I never picked up this talent...
But Hope Springs Eternal!
Today I'm taking a chance again
on a little Walmart special...

Is it true that if you talk to your plants
they'll grow?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Spring Color!

 was driving down the street in my neighborhood this morning thinking BLAH! Blah, blah, blah! The houses look boring, the ground is brown and lifeless, nothing is pretty, it's all just grey in the skies and monotone around me. To cheer myself up a bit, I took a swig of my Americano from Starbucks.
That usually does the trick to pick me up! (Can you tell I'm addicted to caffeine?! Ha!)
Well, I have something even better than caffeine to color your world, to beat out the blahs of winter...
A colorful, warm, wonderful E-zine and Swap too over at

Have you met Cassandra yet from this blog?
She's truly talented and I know this will be a fun and worthwhile craft e-zine!
It starts March 2, and here's a little preview of the fun to come...

Do you NEED more to kickstart your Spring flowers in the garden?
Well, I also have another fun, easy-to-finish Easter Swap...

It involves two little yogurt cups and sweet Easter goodies!
Simple is good!
I know I can beat these days when the winter brown blahs hit, I can!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Deep, Rich, Sin(less)!

Oh, did you know right away in the title that I was talking DESSERT?! And NOT just dessert, but CHOCOLATE dessert!
We must remember to be sinful but to have LESS guilt, so this rich baby is from...
(please excuse less than perfect photos, some daughter of mine needed my camera and hasn't returned it, so I only had my cell phone camera!)
Go right to the back section in the dessert section and find
Chocolate Creme Pie
Page 88 (a tip!)

Now we don't have to fret, this recipe only takes mere minutes to assemble!
Gather your supplies...
Just a few more...
and the sinful secret LOVE item..
some deep chocolate chips! Oh, yeah, now that's talkin'!
Heat up 2 cups of (fat-free, of course!) milk with 2.6 ounces of your sinless pudding mix...
Add in 1/4 cup of chips... whisk until melted!
Now it's time for a little bath until cooled down...
about five minutes...
Pour me into my home...
Put me in the fridge for, well, the recipe said three hours!
Top me with the WHOLE container of whipped cream
maybe even sprinkle with a little sweetened cocoa powder to decorate..
But if you're like me, I can only wait an hour, so...
Dig in! Who cares if it's picture perfect!
And only 214 calories or 5 WW points!
but, remember, that is dividing up the pie into eighths!
Still, Way worth it!
The deep chocolate chips add depth to this pie making it not just fluff!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Gorgeous Headbands!

This is what always happens, I go to the craft or fabric store for ONE thing and end up buying several other things because when I envision it, I just MUST make it!
So, I went over to Hancock Fabrics for gathering tape for curtains, and ended up seeing these trims (on sale, nonetheless)!
Sparkly, golden glitz and silver sheen!
What would YOU make with these?
Well, this is what I knew instantly they would be

Lucky for me, the Dollar store is right next to Hancock Fabrics
CHEAP headbands!
Just a little bit of hot glue...

And my daughters are excited and the oldest runs off with this golden one as soon as I finish it!


Simple and so fashionable!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Did you get your FREE Canvas yet?

Hi, Friends! I wanted to share a great FREEBIE (you do have to pay shipping though) over at Canvas People!!
Look at the gorgeous canvas I got with my favorite subject, my grandbaby Madison!
I love this picture of her! She was only 6 months old here!
And my daughter had this one made...
This was such a great photo shoot of our little ballerina-to-be!
I just wanted to share this fabulous site with you!
AND the finish of the picture is a wonderful quality!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Have you seen The DIY Dish yet?

Well, this will be a great site to visit! I love that they're twins, how CUTE are they?!
PLUS you better run over and sign up for a chance to win one of TWO Janome Sewing machines! Yes, it's true!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Imagine? When I began to dabble in mixed media I believe is when I started using the word
And it occurs to me, what am I really saying here?

You see it everywhere nowadays, after all, in craft stores, decorating stores, everywhere you turn we're encouraged to Imagine... the possibilities...
Maybe the 'possibility' of 'Imagining' my dream bedroom with a crystal chandelier...

To light up my life!
It will take lots and lots of glass crystals to
realize this Dream!

I'm starting to see a vision come to fruition but...
I need a few more details

A gilted mirror with sweet birds makes me swoon!
And I need the PERFECT spot to hang one beautiful lady...

Close by to help me CREATE
the possibilities of what can be...
So maybe Imagine is just the right word to help it all
finally come together...

To reach my goal, to believe it is attainable
and not just a fantasy.

Friends, I'm trying to create a bedroom to bring me peace at the end of the day and these are just a few details along that process. I'm not finished yet! As usual, everything in my life takes a long time to bear fruit, whether it's my children maturing and becoming adults or it's craft projects or decorating and home renovations, but, of course, perfection is an illusion after all, so I might as well just slow down and enjoy what I have as blessings and where I am today!
I hope you live in a place of peace within the walls of where you are abiding right now. Remember, we're all in this together!
Love to you...

Monday, February 15, 2010

Hear no Evil book tour and GIVEAWAY!

Hi, Friends! I have a way to start off your Monday and your whole week right, with a GIVEAWAY, of course RIGHT HERE at

I have a copy of this book...
The newest book by Matthew Paul Turner who, BTW,
happens to be the husband of blogger extraordinaire of
(my giveaway is separate from hers, but enter both places, and your chances
of winning increase!)
and sponsered by...
Second Woo Hoo!

This book is a hip look at the funny side of a God-loving Baptist Matthew Turner and has compelling essays that will tickle your funny bone and may
even transform you!
He's a music loving Jesus lover and shares stories of his experiences, people and places that have shaped him to become who God intended him to become... eventually, that is!
Would you like to read this book for yourself? Well, I'd love you to too!
Here's the way to enter to win...
First entry: Leave a comment on this blog with a way to contact you.
Second entry: Become a follower of Suzie Button Creations and I'll throw your name in twice!
Third entry: Share a link on your blog, facebook or Twitter and there's one extra entry for each one of these sites.
PLEASE leave a separate comment for each one of these entries!
I'll draw one lucky winner on Sunday Feb. 21 at 8 a.m. central
(This book was provided for review by the WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group)
If you'd like to purchase your own copy you can visit Jessica's site for more info and/or the Random House link above too!
Happy Reading! And Remember, you can't win if you don't enter! (Isn't that what they say about the lottery?!)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Friday, February 12, 2010

Succulent Strawberry Pink Saturday!

Hi Miss Beverly and Pink Saturday friends!
I want a decadent yet simplistic approach this lovely weekend to celebrate Valentine's Day as I have to work both today and tomorrow for quite a few hours, so I thought what is more decadent than dipped strawberries!
So please join me in my Strawberry Valentine's Day PaRtY!
1. Dipped strawberries in PINK Confectioner's Coating.
2. A Tuxedo dip of white chocolate and dark chocolate... YUM!
3. Vanilla Frosting and toasted coconut is decadent!
4. Start with sour cream and dip in brown sugar, SWEET!
5. Mixed combo nuts sit atop melted chocolate, UM-HMM!
6. Melted caramel (simplify=use caramel ice cream topping!)
7. Mix honey/lime juice then coat and add sugar and fresh mint- MOJITO!
8. Start with strawberry yogurt and add the crunch of granola and a bit of dried fruit!
9. Unusual- dip in Honey and then cracked black pepper!
10. Coat with Lemon Curd (ask grocer, they have it!) and then add curls of freshly shredded Lemon Peel!
Enjoy the L-O-V-E!!
Thanks for the Inspiration goes to Better Homes and Gardens

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Momma, are we in Texas still?

I woke up Thursday morning to this...
What is going on I said to myself?!
That's what my Springer Cody said too...
Momma, do I HAVE to go out there to potty?

Oh, YES, this IS interesting said Baby Bad boy Ollie!
Makes my tail stick straight up!

Well, come on, let's explore the backyard!
It's like a new playground with all this white stuff!

You can hardly see me! I'm a flying bungee cord baby!

Time to WRESTLE, Cody, ready or not, here I come!
Ok... it's time to come inside boys and wipe off the mud and snow...
Well, why is cute (bad boy) Ollie looking so sad...

It COULD be because he doesn't know when the fun's over
and he decided to pull my expensive camera off
the counter and could have broke it!
Lucky HIM it didn't break.
And, yes, the litter of paper on the floor is something else he chewed up while
being BORED, I suppose?
Well, either way Momma needs to get upstairs to her office to go to work and caption
and BOO my satellite had NO signal!
Why, oh, Why, Momma cries!
Because, DA, Husband says in a email, there's SNOW on the dish!
Can you PLEASE come home on your lunch break and clean it off?
It's WAY up on the roof and Momma could slip, break her hand and not
be able to work!

Work, Work, Pet the dogs, talk to the kids, and Blog!
A rare winter day in Suzie Button's suburb in Dallas, TX!

OH, and as a footnote, I couldn't have a tribute to the dog LOVES of my life without remembering the FIRST English Springer Spaniel who stole my heart, Bailey!
Shown here with Cody in his puppy years!