Monday, August 31, 2009

Mr. Nutcase is on the loose!

Isn't he sweet? Isn't he pretty? YES!! Then WHY are you labeling him as a NUTCASE?!!
Well, sweet baby puppy Ollie here seems to have a rubberband loose in his little head! He gets ALL kinds of attention, Really! I work from home, my daughter and my granddaughter Madison are over too almost every day, my daughter Katie is here, Dad's home by 6 p.m. most nights, but he still seems to need more!I'm sure you know what a nutcase does when you turn your back, right?! He goes into the bathroom if the doors open, sniffs around to see if the lid is up or down (and oh, please, let it be flushed!) and he says a pool party! YEAH!! Or if there's no access there, let's pull on the toilet paper roll and make a little nest on the floor!
Oh, nutcase doesn't end there! He has DADDY LONG LEGS now! Can't you see those in the picture?! He can get more than you'd think off of tables and counters, not really as much food as your "stuff" like craft items, papers for school, and more! He loves to try to sneak into my craft room, I found a roll of tulle going from the drawer and through the hall and down the steps!
Oh, he's so bad if you don't give him lots and LOTS and LOTS of attention! I put him in his cage while I caption, I encourage the family to do it (not everyone complies with Mom) and yet he continues to be Mr. Nutcase!
And what does his "brother" Cody do while he's having a ball exploring and vandalizing? This!...

Cody's one to not get involved in being a rabble-rouser! Ollie's learned how to sit at command, even to leave it if you put a treat down and tell him to, but the mischievousness is out of control!

Any tips for poor wore out Suzie Button?

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Being Inspired!

Hi, friends! I found ANOTHER wonderful website called InspireME and I thought you might enjoy it too! Here's a bit of "Inspiration" from their site!

Find more photos like this on inspireME

Friday, August 28, 2009

Happy Pink Saturday, Cowgirls!

Cowgirls?! What ARE you talking about, Suzie Button?! Well, today I'm giving you a chance to become a TEXAS COWGIRL!! Yes, YOU!
I wanted to share with you about the little Texas secret of craftiness and just plain good 'ol Texas girlfriend FUN!
It's called Texas Paper Cowgirl Retreat and they're having a Fall session and would love to have you too be a Texas Cowgirl too!
I've been to two already myself, and you DON'T have to originally be from Texas, heck, I grew up on the East Coast, don't worry, there's lots of transplants in Texas!
Here's a picture of my gal friends, LaVerne and Nancy, and me, Suzie Button, in our Texas Crowns that we made each other! (Nancy is a Pink Saturday gal too! Now SHE'S an original Texan and so is LaVerne!)

This Fall Cowgirl will be just as fun and just as CREATIVE! Here's a few pictures of what you'll be creating with the awesome instructors to guide you..
Une Couronne en fil metallique, where rustic becomes elegant!
You will transform ordinary chicken wire into a beautifully adorned crown!!
YES, you too will be crowned the Texas queen!
Then you can make your own Altered Fabric Bracelet!

Combine the love of needle and thread, stamps and ink, fabric and trinkets as Chantal teaches you to make a Denim and Lace bracelet/cuff.

Oh, there's more, my Cowgirl Pink Saturday Friends! Oh, LOOK AT THIS PINK!!!

You will start with an 8 x 10 gallery wrapped canvas and layer on color with painting techniques. You will then learn to layer on paper images and patterns to give our whimsical piece lots of depth. Sandra will teach you to paint the cupcake and its adorable stand, then when you have it just right, you will learn the art of beeswax...
Oh, it will be just wonderful, um, Fantastic, no... GRAND, Yes, that's the word I was searching for...

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Remember to always be childlike...

Isn't the graphic in my picture so cute? You can find this free download and more over at Paper Crafts website!
I just discovered their website yesterday and it DEFINITELY deserves more scouring later on when I have some free time!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The addition of a little pretty in my day...

I had a desire recently to make something pretty, something feminine...
to my day...
And I was at the craft store and saw your average paper pencil box and the thought came to me, wouldn't it be pretty to have a handmade fabric pencil case...
I can use some of my vintage linens in making it and what is more feminine than some pink tulle to gussy it up?
I used some glittery scrapbook paper inside to define it and to add a stronger stability to the shape...
And I used some vintage French style stamped flowers with a touch of glitter to pretty up some pretty pink pencils...
And stamped a couple of Photobucket erasers with my French inspired stamps...
And then sat back to enjoy my pretty little pencil case and now I'm thinking maybe a desk blotter with a touch of beauty will be next...

Monday, August 24, 2009

I want Mac & Cheese!

There are certain foods that I miss since I've begun Weight Watchers, and Macaroni and cheese is one of them! It must be the kid in me...
I found this LIGHTER version of Mac & cheese in the current Weight Watcher Magazine, so YUMMY, we'll pair that with grilled chicken for dinner tonight!
Oh, by the way, 1 cup is 236 calories, 6 g fat,3 G. fiber, or equal to 5 WW points.
Happy Monday!

Friday, August 21, 2009

A lot of Pink leading up to Pink Saturday!

Hi,Fellow Pink Saturday Friends!
First, thanks so much for taking the time to stop by today to wish me a Happy Pink Saturday! We're a special group, aren't we, all friends of Beverly at How Sweet the Sound!
Friday is my only day off during the week and I always try to make it FUN! Fun to me equals Grandbaby! My daughter Megan was ALL excited when she found this...

It MUST BE the world's largest baby consignment sale ever!
I wish I would have had something as grand as this to go to when my children were little!
Megan called me early (to me, that is!) Friday morning, Mom, are you ready? Madison and I are on the way, we need to get there! I'm like really?! Do we need anything anyways? You never know, Mom, was the response.
I remember always thinking when the kids were little, I love to find a bargain and if it's for my kids, it's even better to get there as fast as possible in order to not miss out! Now I'm much more lackadasical in my approach! Smiles...
But Madison must have wanted to go too because she was a perfect ANGEL today, all happy and cooing at everyone that made over her...
Well, how couldn't you with that cute hairband on?!
This is just ONE view down one aisle of toys...
And one TINY sliver of the clothes (the prices were really excellent, I thought!)
Her Mommy was looking, looking, looking for some cute stuff...
We found some toys and clothes and started piling up the stroller!
Next time we'll either take the flea market cart OR a lot of Moms brought a laundry basket and tied a rope on one end and piled it high and just pulled it! Moms, they can be creative!
Then we even had a chance to end our day by meeting up with Grandpa and eating at a PINK restaurant, Nates Steak and Seafood YUMMY! (Back to Weight Watchers TODAY, no cheating all weekend, promise!)
Happy Pink Saturday, friends! Hugs and Kisses... P.S. Madison had her FIRST tooth break through today! She was chewing on my finger and I thought what's that?! Yep, our little baby is growing up already, boo-hoo!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

All Chalk Tutorial!

Hi friends!
Aren't chalkboards one of your fondest school memories?! I know it is one of mine! Chalkboards just seem to beg to be written on, they're an art canvas ready to be decorated!
I love all the chalkboard paints and pens out there now! And I decided to jazz up my closet door in my office and I thought I'd show you today how I went about it!
I first painted my door with black chalkboard paint (I love that there's magnetic chalkboard paint too!)
And then I pulled in this bright pink chalkboard paint to paint some designs.
I decided to use what was available in the house to make my design, and I found this flower shape online...
and I purchased Bistro Chalk Markers in bright fun colors too!
I used my Chalk Markers to trace my shapes onto my door...
This way when you paint in the design you can paint up to and over the lines and it's all chalk, so it works out well!
It takes two or three coats to fill in your designs...
And then I bought a few adorable wood cutouts and attached them to the door too, gotta embellish!
Decorate with your chalkboard markers and sit back and enjoy your creation!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Another Giveaway!

Happy Monday! I said I'd add one more giveaway link yesterday and I never did!
So here's a great one!
These are chalkboard coasters! A great idea, isn't it?!!
Visit Olive Bites for a chance to win too!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Let's make this a Giveaway Sunday!

I'm working, as usual, all day today, so I thought let's add in various giveaways throughout blogland since it cheers me up and cheers you up too! Sound great?! OK!
Let's GO!
First there's a great giveaway I REALLY want to win over at Design Dazzle I adore wall stickers!
Unrelated, but I saw now that Cricut can cut out these wall stickers too, but I like them BIG so I should just buy them off Etsy instead of investing in a Cricut!
Now, I have to concentrate on work for a half hour, but I'll come back next break and ADD on another link to another GREAT giveaway, ok?!
And I'll just update throughout my day!
Happy Sunday!
Ok, actually, I have time to throw in ONE more before I have to work!
Here's a GREAT wagon that my daughter and I could really use when Madison is a bit bigger to go to the flea market in over at Frugal Freebie
Frugal Freebie says, " is having a great toy giveaway sponsored by All Children’s Furniture who carries everything from kid's furniture to toys. Stop by before midnight Aug 21st EST to enter to win!"
Ok, NOW I will see you in a half hour!
Well, I've been gone longer than a half hour, work was extended there for a bit with live coverage on the news there in Canada, and lots to caption on my end, but I'm back!
I saw this giveaway over at LoliDots for a free Blog Button, and I knew I NEEDED to enter!
See, I have NO IDEA how to make a blog button, I can't figure out how you get the little window thingie where your code goes??!! Has it confounded you too? Maybe you should be like me and enter too!
I'm taking a lunch break, I'll be back in a short while to add more giveaways you'll like too!
I'm still over at LoliDots for this Girly book...Photobucket
You can pop over and enter too! See ya' in a bit again!
Isn't this necklace Gorgeous?! I really hope I win it!! It's perfect for Fall!
I didn't even have to post about this giveaway for a chance to win over at Luv 2 Have so I ALMOST kept this one to myself, but that wouldn't be a hospitable friendly blogger, now would it? So you should enter too! I'm off now for three hours swimming with the family and hugging on the Grandbaby Madison. See you in a bit!

I'm back from my little break and I have a gorgeous Giveaway here!
This giveaway is over at The Giveaway Diva and gosh, this jewelry is to-die-for!
You can visit the Pretty Peacock Etsy store here and look at all the gorgeous jewelry!
See you in a little bit probably just one more time for today!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Happy Pink Saturday!

Hi Friends!
I recently had a birthday and my friends and my daughter Megan and my grandbaby Madison and I all went out to a tea room to have a little party!
I love Birthdays with my friends! I always get gifts with LOVE attached!
There's always handmade gifts from my friend Gail! She's our crafty "jewelry" making friend!
Look at this BEAUTY!
and OH there's MORE! Gail made me LOTS of beauties!
I put this one sideways because I don't want to cut off part of it so I can show you just how glitzy the vintage rhinestones are on this bracelet! And there's a matching ring!
She also made me two more rings AND a beautiful necklace that you can see a bit of in the picture below along with a gorgeous frame set from my friend Maria!
And there were a few more goodies from Maria and gift cards from both of my friends too!
We had WARM out of the oven cake! Look at this delicious Strawberry cake I had!
Here's our group picture...
And I have a little GIFT for you too!
I am really into Digital scrapbooking and I have a CD of images of a 1925 calendar that I made into two different collages for you to save and use in your art, or right click and save as a desktop background, print them out,whatever you can dream of to use them in! And, by the way, 2009 and 1925 correspond on the days on the calendar so it's, well, timely!
Enjoy and enjoy PINK SATURDAY OVER AT HOW SWEET THE SOUND and be sure to visit again soon!