Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Matthew Mead Giveaway!

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Now, head on over for your chance to win!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Preparing for Easter with Cook's Country

Easter dinner is always a highlight this time of year, the meal symbolizes the birth and renewal of Spring and all the delights therein!
I am always on the hunt for tips to make my meal better, more lively, maybe enhanced!
I turn more and more often to a FABULOUS magazine...
I know I can count on them to give me the BEST way to cook any meal!
They're so detailed and I love the comparison way in which they write their articles.
I noticed in this May 2010 issue some great tips right near the front of the magazine...
ther/e is more...
I love this tip above so much!
I hate those gumpy stickers!
Can't beat living like a monkey would!
All great tips!
Now to the perfect Easter Ham!
You can count on Cook's Country for good eatin'!
What I learned from this magazine?
That you should get the shank end of the ham, not the butt end!
Because the ham is easier to carve, plus it has less gristle and fat than the
EEK, watch the language, Suzie Button!
Plus we need the perfect glaze...
And according to them the enclosed packet in most hams can create a kind of
plasticy coating.
I totally agree!
We'll use their recipe above instead!
Who doesn't have potatoes with every holiday meal?
We're no different in this house...
The Gruyere cheese should add that suprise and elegance to the dish!
Can't wait!
And though we're having birthday cake on Easter 'cause
baby granddaughter Madison will turn ONE on Easter Day,
I just loved the vintage recipe and feel of this
Daffodil Cake
What are you planning for Easter Sunday's meal?
I'd love to hear!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Paper Wreath

Paper flowers made out of coffee filters are all the rage I noticed on blogs lately, and I wanted to try my hand at it too...
I was thrilled with the results!
I used Glimmer Mist to highlight half the "petals"
until I ran out
and then I switched to a green tea soak...
I knew a soft boa would accent beautifully!
I hung it up and sat to admire it and then figured I better get busy
making one for my daughter's home...
And I realized that a touch of glitter would only make it more
glamorous, so I took mine down to add the glitter to it too!
Have you tried your hand at coffee filter flowers yet?

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Vintage Easter Hop Party!

Hi Friends, new and old!
I'm excited to join Joan at Anything Goes here for Sunday's Vintage Easter Hop!
When we're talking vintage, we might as well start close to home and talk about me, Suzie Button!
Here I am, well, quite a few years ago when I must have been around 5 years old...
I'm the CUTE one, the youngest and smallest sibling in the front
My older brother Sammy is in the back and Billy on the left, my niece Pam in the middle
and my sister Connie with the cute Easter headband on in a matching coat as
Suzie Button.
This is when we lived in the country, which I really don't remember
as we must have moved to town not long after this and that's where I grew up...
I do love the Easter finery though...
off to church!
Church, in fact, is my strongest memory growing up of Easter
because as I became older we'd all go to sunrise services on a beautiful hillside
outside of Frederick, MD and it was always magical so early in the morning!
I grew up in a country church too.
My next Vintage Easter was part of two swaps that I received recently...

both blogger gals included adorable vintage cupcake picks!
Aren't they gorgeous sitting in my altered yogurt cup basket I received?!
So sweet!

I also was given these teeny tiny little Easter birds
I've never seen something so tiny and sweet
like a quarter inch big!
There was also this very vintage postcard that was from...
So wonderfully Vintage!
I collected a few sweet vintage and vintage wanna-be Easter goodies from
Etsy too for your enjoyment while you Hop through!

Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, March 26, 2010

It's a Spring Pink Saturday!

Hi, Friends! Thanks today to Beverly, our Pink Saturday Host we're enjoying the beautiful Spring colors of Pink AND Yellow today!
How Lovely!
I have finished up some swaps for Easter, as I'm sure many of you have also, and I haven't had a chance to photograph all my goodies I've received, so today I thought I'd share some of the Spring Easter items I've made for my swap partners!
In one swap we were to use yogurt cups to create EASTER baskets, and here is one I made...

I used some velvety millinery flowers
and covered it all around
and added some goodies inside too like a yummy
cherry blossom candle..

and I also made a notebook for all
those lists and such...

And for another swap partner in this same swap i made this basket...

This one had spackle icing with a doilie bottom with
chicks and eggs and flowers!
It too had little goodies like rubberstamps, a bird eraser and images
to tuck inside
and also a notebook!

I just LOVE making these notebooks!
Plus I could hardly stop there
when my baby Granddaughter Madison
needed an Easter basket too!

And I wanted hers to be fluffy, soft and a sweet pastel palette!

Plus she collects Lambs, well, her Mommy does actually!
Here's wishing everyone a beautiful Spring weekend!
And Happy Pink Saturday too!
If you haven't met Nancy at My Crafty Little Page
please do! She's one sweet lady and a beautiful blogger,
especially on Pink Saturday!
Oh, and just one little pink and yellow
Madison and her Mommy...

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Card Crafting!

Hi my bloggie Friends! I have it seems today a lot to accomplish and not enough time to accomplish it within!
I am sure you know this feeling.
I tend to get anxious on Thursdays since my day off is usually Friday, so I start adding up in my mind all the things I want to craft, clean, buy, reorganize and do and it starts the train rolling to Friday!
I have a couple little Easter goodies to send two of my sisters and I wanted to include handmade Easter cards, so I at least was able to accomplish making one NO TWO cards (now) today and I thought I'd share it with you!
I used an existing card that was blank, cut out the egg shape
backed it with paper and used a dimensional Easter image
I found the gorgeous trim at JoAnn Fabrics for $3.99 a yard
and I had a 40% off coupon!
I was quite pleased with the look and I think it is something
she'll love to receive!
This card was made in similar fashion
just using my now favorite fur trims!
I also simplified the insides using scrapbook paper templates and stickers
to send my Easter Greetings!
It's most of the time these days around here now
about what I can make that I can actually FINISH
instead of my adding to my to-do list!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Easter booklets...

Hi, Friends! I use notebooks every day as part of my job.
I caption live television programming as a closed captioner or sometimes referred to as
a Real-time Captioner.
In my job there are names, cities, acronyms, rosters, lists, figures, on and on,
there is never a day that I don't need to write down a bunch of words and I create "briefs" as
they're called in this business, and essentially what it is is a shortened way for me to stroke out a
word or phrase in one or possibly two strokes to create the speed I need in order to do my job.
Writing it down reinforces it in my mind while I caption the news, legislature or various programs,
and it is there to glance at when I need it
This is what one page of my notebook looks like on a typical day...
I'm not what you call a neat line by line note writer downer, ha,ha.....
Chaos works for me (you DID see my craft room below, right?!)
That's why I probably am still sane after raising four children, that were at times
let's say 8, 7,6, and 1 year old! Now they're (just yesterday)29,27,26, and 21, and I still am basically normal.
Well, I think so at least!
Anyways, get to the point, Suzie Button!
So, the point is that I don't need to use an ugly, boring, flat run-of-the-mill notebook...
No, sir! Not this Suzie Button!
Here are some pretties I made to write my briefs in...
And another one for my daughter so she won't steal mine...
The same but slightly different...
By the way, don't you LOVE the image? It is from the most talented crafter
I've run across when it comes to nostalgic, sweet, fun, light gorgeous crafts of all kinds
over at Creative Breathing
Elizabeth has become a daily blog addiction for me!
She makes me want to quit my job and just CRAFT all day long!
But then, how would I pay for it?
Darn it!
Do you create pretty notebooks for your daily needs too?
We all have lists to make and things to record.
I'd love to hear about your notebooks too!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


It's always a given that there is going to be some money exchanged if I step foot into either Home Goods or
in this case this morning Tuesday Morning.
I had no specific NEED for these goodies, but, um...
Well, abundance of cute goodies called out to me!
A great see through scrapbook, perfect for grandbaby Madison's First Easter/Birthday this year!
And who doesn't need cute letters that are stickers too?

And then these boxes of packaged goodies

The goodies were fantastic!
Paper and flowers
stickers and fabric
library cards and mini albums too!

So there was also this great swag kit
with THREE different banners

I love the way the letters are already stamped and ready to go
but I think I'll stamp mine up
maybe grunge it up a bit...

And this is just because I found it funny...I was having lunch with my son Ben who I pay occasionally
to clean my house and my fortune cookie said this..

We had a good laugh because it's the LAST thing I need is a new collection and hobby
and no one knows that better than Ben who deals
with my clutter and "hobby" stash!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Altered Acrylic Tiles!

I began with Tim Holtz's clear acrylic tiles and began making goodies...

Once I began I couldn't stop!!

Too muc cuteness and fun going on to stop!

So in between a long typical weekend workday Saturday at home captioning television for you
closed captioning viewers there in Canada
(SHOUT OUT: EH, CANADA!) I made more and more cuteness...
Then the wheels started churning on making jewelry with tiles like these, so I ended up on Etsy after a google search and spent a teensy bit of money
and then saw this YouTube video with Tim Holtz himself...

OK, now I need, let's see, a metal box for altering, a drill for drilling through the large tiles and some small notebook journals to alter and create...
Oh, the joys of creating!

Bunny Cake Winner!

This weird looking little boy was part of the
Random Number Generator
and he randomly chose number....
Woo-Hoo for
Thanks for all the entries!
There were a lot of links and it was great fun!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Giveaway!! Explodin' Pink Saturday Giveaway!

Hi, my Pink Saturday Friends
I have to share that my daughter walked into my craft room the other day to discover me listening to music, humming along and went OMG, Mom, it looks like Michael's craft store puked Easter ALL OVER your room! She threatened to pull out her mini camcorder and tape it and out me on Facebook, so I'm beating her to the punch.
I told her I KNOW I'm not the only messy crafter...
Needless to say, she didn't buy that excuse!
I have to say it's actually much worse than these two pictures..

as you didn't see the floor or the other table!
I swear I'm almost finished up my Easter swaps
and the very next day,
I'm cleaning it up!
Well, I don't know if you remembered, but I promised you that I'd have an
Easter Bunny cake
and I keep my promises!
Only problem is that I can't decide WHICH cake to giveaway,
so take a look at both....

this little darling bunny in his basket with his chickie friends...
and decide which one YOU like best
if you're the lucky winner

and HELP me spread the word by saving either picture
with the script
Suzie Button's Bunny Cake GIVEAWAY
and posting it on your blog and letting me know in your comment...
and I'll QUADRUPLE your name in the pot
so instead of once, your comment with the link back to me
will count FOUR times...
but first you need to consider which bunny is your

This sweet guy is sitting on a stamped altered flower I purchased off Etsy...
and he'd be so HOPPY to live in your home if you choose him..

I will pick a winner at 8 a.m. central time on
Monday, 03-22-10
by random number generator
and so please too make sure I have a way to contact you easily
if you WIN!
Remember post + link = 4 entries!
Did I say Happy Pink Saturday to you, too?
Well, Happy Pink Saturday!
P.S.  The entries start NOW, by the way and...
your bunny cake will have glittered feet,
they're just wet right now from the glitter storm we had earlier in the day
but they'll be on their cake when you receive it!