Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Easter booklets...

Hi, Friends! I use notebooks every day as part of my job.
I caption live television programming as a closed captioner or sometimes referred to as
a Real-time Captioner.
In my job there are names, cities, acronyms, rosters, lists, figures, on and on,
there is never a day that I don't need to write down a bunch of words and I create "briefs" as
they're called in this business, and essentially what it is is a shortened way for me to stroke out a
word or phrase in one or possibly two strokes to create the speed I need in order to do my job.
Writing it down reinforces it in my mind while I caption the news, legislature or various programs,
and it is there to glance at when I need it
This is what one page of my notebook looks like on a typical day...
I'm not what you call a neat line by line note writer downer, ha,ha.....
Chaos works for me (you DID see my craft room below, right?!)
That's why I probably am still sane after raising four children, that were at times
let's say 8, 7,6, and 1 year old! Now they're (just yesterday)29,27,26, and 21, and I still am basically normal.
Well, I think so at least!
Anyways, get to the point, Suzie Button!
So, the point is that I don't need to use an ugly, boring, flat run-of-the-mill notebook...
No, sir! Not this Suzie Button!
Here are some pretties I made to write my briefs in...
And another one for my daughter so she won't steal mine...
The same but slightly different...
By the way, don't you LOVE the image? It is from the most talented crafter
I've run across when it comes to nostalgic, sweet, fun, light gorgeous crafts of all kinds
over at Creative Breathing
Elizabeth has become a daily blog addiction for me!
She makes me want to quit my job and just CRAFT all day long!
But then, how would I pay for it?
Darn it!
Do you create pretty notebooks for your daily needs too?
We all have lists to make and things to record.
I'd love to hear about your notebooks too!


  1. Wow, what an interesting job you have!

  2. Just wanted to pop over for a visit and say hello. Hope you are doing well...I live (and die( by a to-do list everyday that I add to and cross off as I go so I can totally appreciate those pretty notebooks you made for yourself and your daughter.

    I had no idea that was what your job is....Very cool...

  3. Hey Suzie,
    I love a great altered notebook.

    I love to add ribbons to the spirals and add scrapbook emelishment. I love what you've done here...I would not have thought of all of that...the vintagy graphic and the flowers.

    I sure hope you like your package.

  4. Suzie...I got the wonderful cake that I won in the mail today, and oh was I ever excited. It is so adorable, I can hardly stand it. It is going to be out year round in my craft room. I just want to say thank you so much. YOu made my day brighter.
    xxoo Valarie