Sunday, November 29, 2009

Working... and, well, working!

Hi, Friends! I am working today, at both my job as a broadcast captioner for television AND on Christmas crafts!
First up, what's up with this Tiger Woods story?! Do you know how many times I've captioned about it this morning? Well, too many to count! Who really cares if he had a fight with his wife? Geez!
On a happier note, I'm stitchin' a bit...

on an Alicia Paulson craft and also on a few surprises for friends...


Friday, November 27, 2009

Pink Saturday!

The Pink Saturday festivities can begin now that we've officially hit the Holiday season, wouldn't you say?
I'm going gingerly into the season, not rushing the tree into the house and decorating every corner, so I am just beginning to decorate the fireplace mantle now, not all at once either, but just a bit here and there...

I began with the glittery wreath, think Home Goods! L-O-V-E...
Big LOVE Home Goods!
Then I found this Fabulous artist, Suzanne Litzenberg's Etsy store and fell in love with her art and Had-to-Have for my own a couple pieces...

And you can also visit her blog Remarkable Bird and here's another example of her talent...

Can't resist Marshalls either! Love their inexpensive glitter houses!

Very Pink

Very Glittery!

I love my little luminescent elfette too!
(She had a brother too until my daughter Megan knocked him off the fireplace and took off his head!)

A bit of beads and baubles and pink milk glass and I'm feeling my Pink Christmas drawing near!

Be sure to visit our lovely host Beverly at How Sweet the Sound

Part Two: Ki and Sue @ the Junkyard!

Hi, Friends! Hope your Thanksgiving was great! I wanted to share more of Ki and Sue's wonderful style with you, so, here goes!
It's time to...

What a lovely headboard, once had a life as a mantle!

No need for birds here!
I have a vision these croquet balls could also become a Hanukkah menorah too, don't you?!

I saw some bowling pins at the flea market last month!

New reason to buy that rubberstamp holder!

Mailboxes become a table AND storage unit, perfect!

I love numbers on everything, don't you? Something so stylish about it!

Glass cabinet doors, recycled, Ki and Sue Style!

I just love this look, don't you?!

And to end off our journey, buy that drying rack and make it a picture holder!

Thanks, Ki and Sue, for beautifying all the junk in the world!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving... Beauty!

Hi, Friends! I hope today finds you surrounded with loved ones and enjoying a great meal and time with friends and family! I wanted to quickly share with you my centerpiece for my Thanksgiving table, made mostly from grocery store buys this morning!

I bought a dozen roses for $9.99, a few stalks of wheat for $3.99, and Indian corn marked down 75% off (Tom Thumb) so it was only 75 cents for a package of three!
I had the large vase and after setting up the flowers and interspersing the wheat, I used the rubber bands that came on the corn packages (with hubby's help) to temporarily hold the corn around the vase while I took red tulle and tied it tightly to hold them in place. I then took more red tulle and just made poofs all around the corn and tucked into the vase and rubberband, and there you go, a beautiful centerpiece!
I also made curtains for the kitchen AND living room yesterday and this morning at 6 a.m. and I will share those with you VERY soon! I was so pleased how they turned out, you can see a peek of it behind the flowers!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Junk Market: Sue & Ki's Way! Part One

I love thrifting, I know you do too! Recently my daughter Megan's REALLY caught the thrifting, junk bug, mainly due to so many great ideas out in blogland that spark a project! Megan said early last week, Mom, we're going Friday morning right away to this thrift store I want to go to. So off we went. I didn't find much, but I DID find "Decorating JunkMarket Style" by Sue Whitney and Ki Nassauer, the Queens of Junking! How much? In perfect shape for $1.96!

I wanted to do a two-part posting on some of my favorites in this thrifty book...

How about a bedstand made out of a metal music stand?! Cool!
I've always wanted to make something out of those old rulers!


What is this? A vintage string holder!

Yes, you're right, it's graters!

Look what you can do with a car's rearview mirror!

Candles in cool presentations like these are all the rage...

Can you see what the repurposed junk is in this kitchen?

Yes, it's a vintage ceiling light fixture! Love it!

More cool on the way!

I have seen larger versions of these metal laundry baskets at the flea market before, isn't this just clever?!

And I'll end today on this lovely, which actually I have almost the same pieces to replicate, so this is on the "list" for me to try!

Fun, isn't it? I'll do part two of Junkin' fun in a couple days, please come back!
Have a great week!

Friday, November 20, 2009

A Hint of Pink and a Lot of Love and Gratitude

Hi, Friends and Happy Pink Saturday! I wanted to stretch my Pink Saturday today beyond just the usual pink goodies I usually share and share something even more special with you!
I have an adorable little girl to show you here, her name is Cabrina...

and, yes, she does have some pink in her outfit, and she's just so cute, but that's not really the reason for introducing her to you today...
Cabrina's Dad, Jeno, is a realtime broadcast captioner...

and he provides closed captions for live television programming.

This is the same field I myself am in now for many years also.
Closed captions are very important to anyone with a hearing loss, and as captioners for television, we know that.
There are days though sitting in our home offices that it may not be at the forefront of our minds that we DO make a difference in the lives of those with hearing loss. After all, it's just us, a stenography machine, software and a LOT of talking (well, you really don't realize HOW much people talk until you caption what they're saying on television every day.)
Well, Cabrina wrote a note to MELT YOUR HEART to and about her Dad that I wanted to share with you today... (Please click on letter to make larger)

And I thought it Pink Saturday worthy, because Cabrina herself is an extraordinary girl and made a difference in MY day with the pleasure of her Dad, Jeno, sharing this letter with fellow captioners.
You might be interested to learn more about REALTIME CAPTIONING and also I have a previous post on a fellow PINK SATURDAY BLOGGER LINNEA who has a hearing loss with more information and tips on hearing loss. Linnea will be my Pink Saturday Link today, if you haven't met Linnea be sure to pop over and meet her!
Jeno is a very lucky Dad to have such a sweet daughter, don't you agree?!
And I feel blessed to have had the pleasure of reading this letter!
Make sure to visit all the Pink Saturday participants at How Sweet the Sound today!