Friday, November 27, 2009

Part Two: Ki and Sue @ the Junkyard!

Hi, Friends! Hope your Thanksgiving was great! I wanted to share more of Ki and Sue's wonderful style with you, so, here goes!
It's time to...

What a lovely headboard, once had a life as a mantle!

No need for birds here!
I have a vision these croquet balls could also become a Hanukkah menorah too, don't you?!

I saw some bowling pins at the flea market last month!

New reason to buy that rubberstamp holder!

Mailboxes become a table AND storage unit, perfect!

I love numbers on everything, don't you? Something so stylish about it!

Glass cabinet doors, recycled, Ki and Sue Style!

I just love this look, don't you?!

And to end off our journey, buy that drying rack and make it a picture holder!

Thanks, Ki and Sue, for beautifying all the junk in the world!

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