Friday, November 20, 2009

A Hint of Pink and a Lot of Love and Gratitude

Hi, Friends and Happy Pink Saturday! I wanted to stretch my Pink Saturday today beyond just the usual pink goodies I usually share and share something even more special with you!
I have an adorable little girl to show you here, her name is Cabrina...

and, yes, she does have some pink in her outfit, and she's just so cute, but that's not really the reason for introducing her to you today...
Cabrina's Dad, Jeno, is a realtime broadcast captioner...

and he provides closed captions for live television programming.

This is the same field I myself am in now for many years also.
Closed captions are very important to anyone with a hearing loss, and as captioners for television, we know that.
There are days though sitting in our home offices that it may not be at the forefront of our minds that we DO make a difference in the lives of those with hearing loss. After all, it's just us, a stenography machine, software and a LOT of talking (well, you really don't realize HOW much people talk until you caption what they're saying on television every day.)
Well, Cabrina wrote a note to MELT YOUR HEART to and about her Dad that I wanted to share with you today... (Please click on letter to make larger)

And I thought it Pink Saturday worthy, because Cabrina herself is an extraordinary girl and made a difference in MY day with the pleasure of her Dad, Jeno, sharing this letter with fellow captioners.
You might be interested to learn more about REALTIME CAPTIONING and also I have a previous post on a fellow PINK SATURDAY BLOGGER LINNEA who has a hearing loss with more information and tips on hearing loss. Linnea will be my Pink Saturday Link today, if you haven't met Linnea be sure to pop over and meet her!
Jeno is a very lucky Dad to have such a sweet daughter, don't you agree?!
And I feel blessed to have had the pleasure of reading this letter!
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  1. Hi, Suzie,
    Beautiful post today! Cabrina is certainly a wonderful young lady! I enjoyed reading her letter very much. Thank you for the work you and Jeno and the other closed captioners do for the hearing impaired. Blessings to you, my friend! Vicki

  2. Suzie, I thoroughly enjoyed this post, and Cabrina is a mighty special young lady. And what you and her dad do is awesome. I have friends who are hearing impaired, and this is a fabulous service! Thank you for what you do! I'm think you're pretty swesome, too!

    Happy Pink Saturday...


    Sheila :-)

  3. Hi Suzie...

    Yep, I've seen the captioning many times...but never really gave it any thought....thanks for sharing the inside scoop...I'll think of this little doll's dad when I see it from now on. What a sweetheart she is...

    Warm blessings,

  4. How very sweet! Thank you for sharing the beautiful letter with us. What a fun job. Happy Pink Saturday!

  5. Such an important job you do. My mum is hard of hearing/deaf in one ear so she often relies on the subtitles on tv programs, esp if there is a lot of dialogue.

    Have a sweet weekend

    Victoria xx

  6. Lovely post!
    Happy Pink Saturday and Thanksgiving
    xxoo Denise

  7. Oh, what a touching story and precious girl. Her Dad must have melted, too. Happy Pink Saturday!

  8. Suzie, her letter was really sweet. Kudos to you and her father for the wonderful work you do. I hope you have a wonderful Pink Saturday and enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday.

  9. what a sweet post, thank you so much for enlighting us

  10. Suzie!!! You have the sweetest posts! Thanks for sharing and have a fabulous Pink Saturday! Hugs, Coralie

  11. Hi Suzie..very pink Saturday worthy indeed! Thank you for sharing the sweetness with us.
    Happy Pinks..Tami

  12. That is such a sweet letter by Cabrina. I am sure that melted his heart big time!

    Thank you for mentioning me in your post. That is so cool! I went back to read your interview post and got all teary-eyed at the wonderful comments on that post.

    I think it is awesome that you are a captioner. As you mentioned, I rely on the captions big time. Keep up the good work!!

    Happy Pink Saturday!


  13. Suzie, That was a wonderful post. What a sweet, sweet girl. She is right. Your job is extraordinary! Thank goodness for people like you!
    Have a wonderful pink weekend!

  14. What a heartwarming post, Suzie! Cabrina is just very special - that letter was so thoughtful and I bet her Dad is enormously proud of her. Happy Pink Saturday!

  15. How wonderful to hear some touching and sincere good cheer. That sweet child has ever reason to be proud of her Dad and he of her. Wonderful Post on all there is to be thankful for. Blessings Meg

  16. Awww, this brought tears to my eyes! How sweet is she? Happy Pink Saturday! Thank you for sharing!