Sunday, November 29, 2009

Working... and, well, working!

Hi, Friends! I am working today, at both my job as a broadcast captioner for television AND on Christmas crafts!
First up, what's up with this Tiger Woods story?! Do you know how many times I've captioned about it this morning? Well, too many to count! Who really cares if he had a fight with his wife? Geez!
On a happier note, I'm stitchin' a bit...

on an Alicia Paulson craft and also on a few surprises for friends...



  1. Oh I adore Pozy gets Cozy! Yet another thing we have in common.

    The glue is drying on the very last thing to go into your box.
    I only signed up for one swap this year and had the very best time.

    It will go out in the mail today.

  2. The ice skating boot looks so cute

    Victoria xx

  3. That boot certainly is cute, Suzie! I bet that's going to be a darling ornament. I wish I was more talented like some people I know namely YOU! :-)