Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Preparing for Easter with Cook's Country

Easter dinner is always a highlight this time of year, the meal symbolizes the birth and renewal of Spring and all the delights therein!
I am always on the hunt for tips to make my meal better, more lively, maybe enhanced!
I turn more and more often to a FABULOUS magazine...
I know I can count on them to give me the BEST way to cook any meal!
They're so detailed and I love the comparison way in which they write their articles.
I noticed in this May 2010 issue some great tips right near the front of the magazine...
ther/e is more...
I love this tip above so much!
I hate those gumpy stickers!
Can't beat living like a monkey would!
All great tips!
Now to the perfect Easter Ham!
You can count on Cook's Country for good eatin'!
What I learned from this magazine?
That you should get the shank end of the ham, not the butt end!
Because the ham is easier to carve, plus it has less gristle and fat than the
EEK, watch the language, Suzie Button!
Plus we need the perfect glaze...
And according to them the enclosed packet in most hams can create a kind of
plasticy coating.
I totally agree!
We'll use their recipe above instead!
Who doesn't have potatoes with every holiday meal?
We're no different in this house...
The Gruyere cheese should add that suprise and elegance to the dish!
Can't wait!
And though we're having birthday cake on Easter 'cause
baby granddaughter Madison will turn ONE on Easter Day,
I just loved the vintage recipe and feel of this
Daffodil Cake
What are you planning for Easter Sunday's meal?
I'd love to hear!

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  1. I'm off to the supermarket this evening to do my shop for the Easter weekend. Hopefully I will actually do the baking I have planned on Friday.

    Victoria xx