Saturday, March 27, 2010

Vintage Easter Hop Party!

Hi Friends, new and old!
I'm excited to join Joan at Anything Goes here for Sunday's Vintage Easter Hop!
When we're talking vintage, we might as well start close to home and talk about me, Suzie Button!
Here I am, well, quite a few years ago when I must have been around 5 years old...
I'm the CUTE one, the youngest and smallest sibling in the front
My older brother Sammy is in the back and Billy on the left, my niece Pam in the middle
and my sister Connie with the cute Easter headband on in a matching coat as
Suzie Button.
This is when we lived in the country, which I really don't remember
as we must have moved to town not long after this and that's where I grew up...
I do love the Easter finery though...
off to church!
Church, in fact, is my strongest memory growing up of Easter
because as I became older we'd all go to sunrise services on a beautiful hillside
outside of Frederick, MD and it was always magical so early in the morning!
I grew up in a country church too.
My next Vintage Easter was part of two swaps that I received recently...

both blogger gals included adorable vintage cupcake picks!
Aren't they gorgeous sitting in my altered yogurt cup basket I received?!
So sweet!

I also was given these teeny tiny little Easter birds
I've never seen something so tiny and sweet
like a quarter inch big!
There was also this very vintage postcard that was from...
So wonderfully Vintage!
I collected a few sweet vintage and vintage wanna-be Easter goodies from
Etsy too for your enjoyment while you Hop through!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Oh I love your easter picture from long ago. It is so nice to look back and see what we looked like1
    I didnt think of showing any old photos but have some that I treasure like you do!

    Happy Easter Greetings!

  2. I love that postcards and your Easter Sunday pic as a small child! Precious memories! I love it!

  3. Oh WoW ~ I live near Media, PA!! ~ I just adore the family picture ~ reminds me of my childhood too. Everything is so very nice and it look like you were treated quite well in your swaps!! Happy Easter ~ Judi

  4. Gorgeous Etsy goodies, and the little basket and birdies are so sweet!
    I've seen several family Easter pics today, and now I want to dig around and see if we have any! I loved getting a new bonnet and purse and outfit every year when I was little. And I miss doing that for my daughter, but she is 21 and refuses to wear a bonnet!
    Happy Easter!

  5. Hi Suzie,

    What a sweet Easter photo. Love the collage with all the vintage goodies too!

    Happy Easter!


  6. You have a great collection. I love the blocks, I have never seen any like that and the favors are pretty. I may have to check out Etsy!

  7. These are all so sweet! I especially love your collage!! Thank you for going to all the trouble of sharing them for us!

  8. Hello Suzie,

    Isn't it nice to see old photos? You must be one adorable little lady then :-)

    These Easter baskets are pretty :-) I also took a peek of what you've made in your PS post. Too too cute! Love those pink fluffy chicks too :-)

  9. I love the easter blocks, fun.
    thanks for sharing your family photo, love the coats, don't you?
    happy spring

  10. WOW Suzie that looks great.

    Victoria xx

  11. You were REALLY, REALLY cute!!!!!

    I love the postcard. Either she was a giant or the chickens were tiny. Did you notice the funny scale of things in the picture. Too funny.

    Thanks for joining the Vintage Easter Blog Hop. xo Joan@anythinggoeshere AKA your hostess

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