Sunday, August 16, 2009

Let's make this a Giveaway Sunday!

I'm working, as usual, all day today, so I thought let's add in various giveaways throughout blogland since it cheers me up and cheers you up too! Sound great?! OK!
Let's GO!
First there's a great giveaway I REALLY want to win over at Design Dazzle I adore wall stickers!
Unrelated, but I saw now that Cricut can cut out these wall stickers too, but I like them BIG so I should just buy them off Etsy instead of investing in a Cricut!
Now, I have to concentrate on work for a half hour, but I'll come back next break and ADD on another link to another GREAT giveaway, ok?!
And I'll just update throughout my day!
Happy Sunday!
Ok, actually, I have time to throw in ONE more before I have to work!
Here's a GREAT wagon that my daughter and I could really use when Madison is a bit bigger to go to the flea market in over at Frugal Freebie
Frugal Freebie says, " is having a great toy giveaway sponsored by All Children’s Furniture who carries everything from kid's furniture to toys. Stop by before midnight Aug 21st EST to enter to win!"
Ok, NOW I will see you in a half hour!
Well, I've been gone longer than a half hour, work was extended there for a bit with live coverage on the news there in Canada, and lots to caption on my end, but I'm back!
I saw this giveaway over at LoliDots for a free Blog Button, and I knew I NEEDED to enter!
See, I have NO IDEA how to make a blog button, I can't figure out how you get the little window thingie where your code goes??!! Has it confounded you too? Maybe you should be like me and enter too!
I'm taking a lunch break, I'll be back in a short while to add more giveaways you'll like too!
I'm still over at LoliDots for this Girly book...Photobucket
You can pop over and enter too! See ya' in a bit again!
Isn't this necklace Gorgeous?! I really hope I win it!! It's perfect for Fall!
I didn't even have to post about this giveaway for a chance to win over at Luv 2 Have so I ALMOST kept this one to myself, but that wouldn't be a hospitable friendly blogger, now would it? So you should enter too! I'm off now for three hours swimming with the family and hugging on the Grandbaby Madison. See you in a bit!

I'm back from my little break and I have a gorgeous Giveaway here!
This giveaway is over at The Giveaway Diva and gosh, this jewelry is to-die-for!
You can visit the Pretty Peacock Etsy store here and look at all the gorgeous jewelry!
See you in a little bit probably just one more time for today!

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  1. I have the circut (actually both sizes) LOVE it! It was a great investment for me. I have not yet done the wall words. But have all I need to do them I just need to get started on them.