Friday, August 21, 2009

A lot of Pink leading up to Pink Saturday!

Hi,Fellow Pink Saturday Friends!
First, thanks so much for taking the time to stop by today to wish me a Happy Pink Saturday! We're a special group, aren't we, all friends of Beverly at How Sweet the Sound!
Friday is my only day off during the week and I always try to make it FUN! Fun to me equals Grandbaby! My daughter Megan was ALL excited when she found this...

It MUST BE the world's largest baby consignment sale ever!
I wish I would have had something as grand as this to go to when my children were little!
Megan called me early (to me, that is!) Friday morning, Mom, are you ready? Madison and I are on the way, we need to get there! I'm like really?! Do we need anything anyways? You never know, Mom, was the response.
I remember always thinking when the kids were little, I love to find a bargain and if it's for my kids, it's even better to get there as fast as possible in order to not miss out! Now I'm much more lackadasical in my approach! Smiles...
But Madison must have wanted to go too because she was a perfect ANGEL today, all happy and cooing at everyone that made over her...
Well, how couldn't you with that cute hairband on?!
This is just ONE view down one aisle of toys...
And one TINY sliver of the clothes (the prices were really excellent, I thought!)
Her Mommy was looking, looking, looking for some cute stuff...
We found some toys and clothes and started piling up the stroller!
Next time we'll either take the flea market cart OR a lot of Moms brought a laundry basket and tied a rope on one end and piled it high and just pulled it! Moms, they can be creative!
Then we even had a chance to end our day by meeting up with Grandpa and eating at a PINK restaurant, Nates Steak and Seafood YUMMY! (Back to Weight Watchers TODAY, no cheating all weekend, promise!)
Happy Pink Saturday, friends! Hugs and Kisses... P.S. Madison had her FIRST tooth break through today! She was chewing on my finger and I thought what's that?! Yep, our little baby is growing up already, boo-hoo!


  1. Madison's headband is so pretty and pink too! what a sale that was, I am sure wishing I was there but I would have wanted to buy everything in sight!! LOL
    Happy Pink Saturday,

  2. Happy Pink Saturday!

    Madison's head piece is stunning!
    How fun!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  3. Lovely.
    Happy Pink Saturday and
    enjoy the weekend.

  4. I hate to be a broken record, but it's cold and gloomy here today and it rained all day yesterday! Hoping that I can get outside a bit to check out my gardens☺ Pink Saturday is bringing a little much needed and very welcome color into my home today. Thanks so much for participating. It's always so nice to visit your blog and see what's going on.

    Hope your weekend is filled with sunshine and everyone you l♥ve. I'm hoping mine will be dry☺

  5. That pink headband is too cute! Thanks for sharing this Pink Saturday post.

    Hope to see you over at my place for a Pink Zephyranthes Saturday!

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  6. Happy Pink Saturday!

    what a cute baby!


  7. Sounds like you had fun! What a cutie Madison is! Happy Pink Saturday1

  8. It looks as if you girls had a good shopping adventure. And, you had such a beautiful inspiration along with you.

    Happy Pink Saturday, Susan.

  9. Such a cure headband. It's ever so sweet. That's one huge place filled with baby things.. Happy PInk Saturday and have a great weekend.

  10. Great post and lovely pinkies
    Happy PS and have a great weekend

  11. LOVE the headband!! Congrats on the first tooth! Happy Pink Saturday, and hope you're enjoying your weekend! ~tina

  12. Suzie!!!She's just adorable and that head pouf is just adorable-er on her!!! What a fun day. So many choices for one little baby! :) xoxo Nancy