Tuesday, August 18, 2009

All Chalk Tutorial!

Hi friends!
Aren't chalkboards one of your fondest school memories?! I know it is one of mine! Chalkboards just seem to beg to be written on, they're an art canvas ready to be decorated!
I love all the chalkboard paints and pens out there now! And I decided to jazz up my closet door in my office and I thought I'd show you today how I went about it!
I first painted my door with black chalkboard paint (I love that there's magnetic chalkboard paint too!)
And then I pulled in this bright pink chalkboard paint to paint some designs.
I decided to use what was available in the house to make my design, and I found this flower shape online...
and I purchased Bistro Chalk Markers in bright fun colors too!
I used my Chalk Markers to trace my shapes onto my door...
This way when you paint in the design you can paint up to and over the lines and it's all chalk, so it works out well!
It takes two or three coats to fill in your designs...
And then I bought a few adorable wood cutouts and attached them to the door too, gotta embellish!
Decorate with your chalkboard markers and sit back and enjoy your creation!

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  1. I'm soooo jealous! I want to paint with chalkboard at my house!