Monday, August 31, 2009

Mr. Nutcase is on the loose!

Isn't he sweet? Isn't he pretty? YES!! Then WHY are you labeling him as a NUTCASE?!!
Well, sweet baby puppy Ollie here seems to have a rubberband loose in his little head! He gets ALL kinds of attention, Really! I work from home, my daughter and my granddaughter Madison are over too almost every day, my daughter Katie is here, Dad's home by 6 p.m. most nights, but he still seems to need more!I'm sure you know what a nutcase does when you turn your back, right?! He goes into the bathroom if the doors open, sniffs around to see if the lid is up or down (and oh, please, let it be flushed!) and he says a pool party! YEAH!! Or if there's no access there, let's pull on the toilet paper roll and make a little nest on the floor!
Oh, nutcase doesn't end there! He has DADDY LONG LEGS now! Can't you see those in the picture?! He can get more than you'd think off of tables and counters, not really as much food as your "stuff" like craft items, papers for school, and more! He loves to try to sneak into my craft room, I found a roll of tulle going from the drawer and through the hall and down the steps!
Oh, he's so bad if you don't give him lots and LOTS and LOTS of attention! I put him in his cage while I caption, I encourage the family to do it (not everyone complies with Mom) and yet he continues to be Mr. Nutcase!
And what does his "brother" Cody do while he's having a ball exploring and vandalizing? This!...

Cody's one to not get involved in being a rabble-rouser! Ollie's learned how to sit at command, even to leave it if you put a treat down and tell him to, but the mischievousness is out of control!

Any tips for poor wore out Suzie Button?

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