Friday, February 19, 2010

Gorgeous Headbands!

This is what always happens, I go to the craft or fabric store for ONE thing and end up buying several other things because when I envision it, I just MUST make it!
So, I went over to Hancock Fabrics for gathering tape for curtains, and ended up seeing these trims (on sale, nonetheless)!
Sparkly, golden glitz and silver sheen!
What would YOU make with these?
Well, this is what I knew instantly they would be

Lucky for me, the Dollar store is right next to Hancock Fabrics
CHEAP headbands!
Just a little bit of hot glue...

And my daughters are excited and the oldest runs off with this golden one as soon as I finish it!


Simple and so fashionable!


  1. hi suzie!
    hope all is well with you!
    i found this really cute headband today too!! at the dollar store :)
    ill be postingit soon :)
    Miss hearing form you!

  2. Suzie, you talented lil darling you! I love those headbands! Thanks for sharing and happy PS to you!

  3. Hi Suzie! As a quilter, I can understand your love of Hancock's. I've spent many hours drooling over their website LOL! Those trims are to die for. Have a wonderful week, and happy creating! Terri

  4. Tooooo cute!

    I do the same thing....
    Think I can run in and buy the one thing that I need but nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo there is always something that inspires another project!
    My girls would go googoo over those cute headbands!