Sunday, February 21, 2010

Deep, Rich, Sin(less)!

Oh, did you know right away in the title that I was talking DESSERT?! And NOT just dessert, but CHOCOLATE dessert!
We must remember to be sinful but to have LESS guilt, so this rich baby is from...
(please excuse less than perfect photos, some daughter of mine needed my camera and hasn't returned it, so I only had my cell phone camera!)
Go right to the back section in the dessert section and find
Chocolate Creme Pie
Page 88 (a tip!)

Now we don't have to fret, this recipe only takes mere minutes to assemble!
Gather your supplies...
Just a few more...
and the sinful secret LOVE item..
some deep chocolate chips! Oh, yeah, now that's talkin'!
Heat up 2 cups of (fat-free, of course!) milk with 2.6 ounces of your sinless pudding mix...
Add in 1/4 cup of chips... whisk until melted!
Now it's time for a little bath until cooled down...
about five minutes...
Pour me into my home...
Put me in the fridge for, well, the recipe said three hours!
Top me with the WHOLE container of whipped cream
maybe even sprinkle with a little sweetened cocoa powder to decorate..
But if you're like me, I can only wait an hour, so...
Dig in! Who cares if it's picture perfect!
And only 214 calories or 5 WW points!
but, remember, that is dividing up the pie into eighths!
Still, Way worth it!
The deep chocolate chips add depth to this pie making it not just fluff!


  1. Great dessert and within WW points allowances too

    Victoria xx

  2. This looks yummy, but I really decided to comment to tell you I misread part of it at first. Somehow, when I was scrolling down, I read the part that says "deep chocolate chips" as "fat-free chocolate chips" and I was really excited - Ghirardelli makes fat free chocolate chips?!?
    But then I realized, the fat-free is underneath, describing the milk. :(
    Clearly, it's past my bedtime. Enjoy the rest of your pie (not all at once, of course!)