Friday, February 26, 2010

Happy PINK Saturday (With Life!)

Good weekend to you! I hope winters moving on out just a little bit wherever you are. It can't decide here in Dallas, TX, whether it wants to try to be Spring or just stay in dreary wet winter. That's typical here though.
I wanted to share a little neat Modern Mom Scrapbooking Kit that I purchased for my daughter Megan this past Christmas.
Since it was cold and dreary Friday in Dallas, we decided to get her pages begun and finished in the afternoon. Luckily Aunt Katie got sweet baby Madison down for a nap with her watching television so we could concentrate on setting it up...
It's called Project Life by Becky Higgins and it's a system that makes scrapbooking an every day possibility for busy Moms who want to track their, well, LIFE!
I was the picture cropper and Megan was the journaler and page creator!
Here's the intro page...
And then we're going to have the PINK to show you in a few shots...

There's Madison with her Daddy and her cute pink hat
even a little sewing lesson from me, her Grammie!
(I KNOW, I'm too young looking to be a Grammie! Ha,ha!)

The adorable Pink shirt picture is Madison (as her Mommy puts it) saying...
HEEEEEEYYYYY! With a Texas drawl.
My favorite is the bottom right where Megan's trying to study
and Madison
is trying to grab the pencils through the glass tabletop!
Sweetie Pie!
Madison fell asleep in her highchair in her PINK shirt!
It's so exhausting being a baby!
Below is a picture of everything that's included in the kit...
I think this is perfect for the busy Mom that Megan is
and it got me inspired to start once again on the
Christmas scrapbook that I need to finish!
A nice way to spend the afternoon!
For more fun visit
and have a beautiful Pink Saturday, friends!


  1. I love this post and the cute scrap booking kit! Happy Pink Saturday to you! I hope you stay warm and cozy! Surely Spring is in the air somewhere!

  2. Happy Pink Saturday! Wish I was back in Dallas, dreary weather and all. Tollway daily drive to Jesuit, too. Time flies, doesn't it. Perfect scrapbook for a mom, I agree.

    I have my material waiting and my ruffler attachment on the way. Can't wait.

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  3. What a wonderful scrapbook for a young mother. Your little sweetie is just adorable and yes, look far too young, but isn't being a grandmother the very best?????Happy Pinks and have a wonderful weekend..

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  5. Happy Pink Saturday Susie.
    Madison is so pretty. Its good to journal her growth and her cute outfit:).
    Nice scrapbooks.

  6. What a great idea this is. I know when you have a small baby, it's impossible to have much time for yourself--Madison is a sweetie!!

  7. What a fun idea! I can totally relate to the busy mom part :)

    Thanks for visiting my blog; glad to have found yours as well.

  8. Love the scrapbook, and would love to give one as a gift. Can you contact me at
    Thanks and Happy Pink Saturday!

  9. Hey Happy Pink Saturday! What a fun thing to do! Loved the baby in the middle of the bed laughing. Precious. Grammie? I thought mommy! That was fun! Thanks! Jenn <><

  10. What a cute blog and blog name ;) Nice scrapbooking kit. You filled it with sweet pix...I like the one with your grandbaby all covered in soap suds ;) Happy Pink Saturday and thanks for stopping by my blog.

  11. Hi Ms Suzie Button with the cute-as-a-button daughter! What a great idea the scrapbook is - and how nice to have one all finished. (I still haven't done our wedding album - but we only married in '98... not lol lol)

    I love your new look - the header is great - it's very fresh and Spring-like.

    Happy Pink Saturday, sweetie!

  12. Happy Pinks!
    Maggie Mae
    "Do these shoes match this purse?"

  13. What a wonderful Scrapbook for busy Mommies.... and all those adorable Pink photos of Madison,, she is so cute.. Happy Pink Saturday


  14. Love those pics! I don't scrapbook. I'm lucky if I get the names and dates written on the back of my pics before I put them in a picture box. I admire the ones that do take the time to turn their photos into artwork though.
    Happy Pink Saturday!

    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

  15. Hello Suzie,

    Now what a clever idea for scrapbooking....yes, I can definitely see appeal of it for the busy Mom and or working lady. It can be very time consuming otherwise.

    Cute, cute baby!!! And noooooo, you can't be old enough to be a grammie. :0)

    Thanks so much for coming over for a visit..

    Happy PiNk to you. May the PiNk bliss follow you through your week.

    ♥ Love & Faerie Dust ♥

  16. Love the tutorial on the paper flowers! Thanks...I'm Marcia and we are partners for the Easter baskets! E-mail me anytime so we can discuss what to do, thank you! Marcia

  17. Hi Suzie! Congratulations! You won the Happeez clips I designed on Emily's giveaway! Thanks for visiting my blog, Designing for the Soul and let us know your contact info so I can ship your prize!