Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hope Springs Eternal!

I wish I had a green thumb. I love flowers and I love dirt, the smell of earth and soil, but, alas, my thumb is brown.
I have to tell you, I have NO real flowers in my home, NONE! It's sad, I know!
My mother.... (via maybe the early 1960s here)

had the green thumb for sure!
We always had a windowsill full of plants, I especially remember
African Violets.
Plus there were flowers growing around the house,
and to boot,
a vegetable garden.
I never picked up this talent...
But Hope Springs Eternal!
Today I'm taking a chance again
on a little Walmart special...

Is it true that if you talk to your plants
they'll grow?


  1. Don't give up on plants! You can do it! I love gardening, but I don't always have great success. It's so calming digging in dirt and getting grubby.

  2. I agree don't give up. Try something pimple like the carrott plant I mentioned on my blog.
    We learn by doing they keep trying. Hugs Elaine

  3. Do talk to them! They thrive so much better with that extra tlc! Your mom looks sweet in the apron and broom in her hand! Our mothers were just incredible women!
    Never give up try easy things! Grow tomatoes! Lots of plants don't require an expert green thumb! Go for it!

  4. That's a very nice scrapbook, saves a lot of time and your Madison is such a cutie Pretty name too!...Christine

  5. Cute little girl and Yes, you DO look too young to be a grandmother!

  6. Aw, look at your sweet Mama. And her pretty crisp,white curtains and pretty blue walls behind her. My mom loved African Violets, too.
    My Grandma kept a good-sized garden up into her 90's.

  7. Suzie Buttons, You are too sweet for words. Thank you so much for your kind comments about my blog. I adore it and the friends I have made there. I look forward everyday to the creativity that can be found in this community. This scrapbook system is one I think I could actually keep up with. What a genius system. Again, thank you so much for visiting. Elizabeth

  8. I am still making HPS rounds,probably will take till next Saturday! Happy Belated Pink Saturday!
    PS I am having a blog giveaway!