Thursday, February 11, 2010

Momma, are we in Texas still?

I woke up Thursday morning to this...
What is going on I said to myself?!
That's what my Springer Cody said too...
Momma, do I HAVE to go out there to potty?

Oh, YES, this IS interesting said Baby Bad boy Ollie!
Makes my tail stick straight up!

Well, come on, let's explore the backyard!
It's like a new playground with all this white stuff!

You can hardly see me! I'm a flying bungee cord baby!

Time to WRESTLE, Cody, ready or not, here I come!
Ok... it's time to come inside boys and wipe off the mud and snow...
Well, why is cute (bad boy) Ollie looking so sad...

It COULD be because he doesn't know when the fun's over
and he decided to pull my expensive camera off
the counter and could have broke it!
Lucky HIM it didn't break.
And, yes, the litter of paper on the floor is something else he chewed up while
being BORED, I suppose?
Well, either way Momma needs to get upstairs to her office to go to work and caption
and BOO my satellite had NO signal!
Why, oh, Why, Momma cries!
Because, DA, Husband says in a email, there's SNOW on the dish!
Can you PLEASE come home on your lunch break and clean it off?
It's WAY up on the roof and Momma could slip, break her hand and not
be able to work!

Work, Work, Pet the dogs, talk to the kids, and Blog!
A rare winter day in Suzie Button's suburb in Dallas, TX!

OH, and as a footnote, I couldn't have a tribute to the dog LOVES of my life without remembering the FIRST English Springer Spaniel who stole my heart, Bailey!
Shown here with Cody in his puppy years!


  1. Oh Suzie, I enjoyed seeing your dogs in the snow! We have a good dog and a naughty dog too. I'm glad your camera is okay. I can't believe you got so much snow! Happy Valentine's Day! Twyla

  2. Cute pics of your dogs in the snow. Whew! Glad the camera didn't break. Gotta have more pics of your darlings! Aren't hubbys wonderful! Have a wonderful Valentine weekend!

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