Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Imagine? When I began to dabble in mixed media I believe is when I started using the word
And it occurs to me, what am I really saying here?

You see it everywhere nowadays, after all, in craft stores, decorating stores, everywhere you turn we're encouraged to Imagine... the possibilities...
Maybe the 'possibility' of 'Imagining' my dream bedroom with a crystal chandelier...

To light up my life!
It will take lots and lots of glass crystals to
realize this Dream!

I'm starting to see a vision come to fruition but...
I need a few more details

A gilted mirror with sweet birds makes me swoon!
And I need the PERFECT spot to hang one beautiful lady...

Close by to help me CREATE
the possibilities of what can be...
So maybe Imagine is just the right word to help it all
finally come together...

To reach my goal, to believe it is attainable
and not just a fantasy.

Friends, I'm trying to create a bedroom to bring me peace at the end of the day and these are just a few details along that process. I'm not finished yet! As usual, everything in my life takes a long time to bear fruit, whether it's my children maturing and becoming adults or it's craft projects or decorating and home renovations, but, of course, perfection is an illusion after all, so I might as well just slow down and enjoy what I have as blessings and where I am today!
I hope you live in a place of peace within the walls of where you are abiding right now. Remember, we're all in this together!
Love to you...


  1. Your blog is beautiful and your pictures are amazing...

    Enjoyed my visit to your blog tonight while doing a little blog hopping. Hope you will stop by mine. This is my ONE YEAR Blog Anniversary and prizes everyday....


  2. Thank you, Suzie Button for a great post (I've been working on my art room since Dec :)

  3. I am also working on a bedroom.... first I had to make up my mind what I wanted it and didn't want it to be. I am looking forward to the finished project.