Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Coffee and a new book to read...

I am an admitted Starburcks addict, not the fancy coffee, but the Americano, which is four shots of espresso and water, (no surprise I'm addicted, huh?!). Anyways, when I saw this book at my local Barnes & Noble bookstore, I was right away attracted to it. It is a true story of Michael Gates Gill who went from a six-figure salary and an Ivy League education and having it all to losing his job, getting divorced and being diagnosed with a brain tumor. He ends up working at Starbucks, and it explores his life adventures while working there and the unlikely friendships he encounters and how those friendships instill in him a new sense of self-worth and happiness he had never known before.
Check it out, and enjoy some Starbucks too! Suzie Button


  1. Hi Suzie,
    I NEED THIS BOOK : ) I am a starbucks addict too, mine is always the same.. Grande Non fat iced mocha single shot of coffee no whip cream in a venti cup with extra ice. That is a mouth full every time I order, lol. I am putting the book on my shopping list, hope you are having a beautiful and relaxing Wednesday!

  2. That book sounds an interesting read.

    My last job had a Starbucks next to the office - I think I spent more time at their counter than at my desk.

    Next job had a free Starbucks coffee bar, it was only the basic's like cappucino's, lattes and your fave, Americano's but saved me a fortune.

    Victoria x

  3. Me again... I've given you an award over at my blog when you have time to visit

    Victoria xx