Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy First Day of Autumn!

In celebration of today being the first official day for Fall, I thought I'd share a few autumn scenes from the "Ideals" Thanksgiving issue. I had time this morning to stop over at my local Half Price Books and saw this Ideals magazine and knew it was perfect to celebrate the transition from summer into Fall. I live in Texas now, and Fall is very fleeting, but I have wonderful memories of growing up in Maryland and the Fall day trips my sisters and my Mom would take me on to the Shendandoah National Park and Skyline Drive through Maryland and Virginia. That's where I came to love and crave Autumn! The leaves were so glorious and the play of light and shadow around us as we drove for the day through the mountains! These pictures took me back today to those warm memorable days! Happy Autumn! Suzie


  1. Suzie, Thanks for stopping by my blog and for buying 2 of my patterns. Hope you like them and have fun using them....
    Your blog is lovely, I have enjoyed my visits here.
    Happy First Day of fall to you too.
    It's so beautiful here today in Ohio, such a feel good day!
    Blessling to you ~Mary~ :-}

  2. I'm in Texas too, and you are so right. Fall is VERY fleeting. Blink once and it's gone...or either summer decides to come back!!

  3. I love old Ideals Magazines. I always collect them at garage sales. Twyla