Thursday, September 11, 2008

Nie and Christian/Friday Flea Market

I wanted to let you know to be sure to stop by my blog to see the new items I added this week, plus I wanted to remind you that 100% of the profits this month are going towards the Nielsons.
You know, in my job I caption a lot of news, I've been a real-time captioner now for over six years and the first few years, I could listen to the news and caption it live and not get too emotionally involved, but I don't know, maybe I'm changing emotionally, because in the past year I find that the tragedies in the world are harder to accept, it makes me extremely sad that every day I have to caption stories of soldiers dying and of war and earthquakes and poverty and violence. Today was hard too with stories of 9/11 retold. I'm not sure how many realize that live newscasts are broadcast captioners at home or in an office watching the news while they caption it. It's hard to cry and caption at the same time! I wasn't a captioner when 9/11 happened, and I'm kind of glad, it would have been so emotionally draining! Anyways, this real-life event that tragically occured within this family has really touched my heart, and it's good to even do just something little, unlike when I caption all these tragic stories all day passively at my machine in my home office. It makes me feel better to pray for them and to see that their faith is so strong that it's making a difference! Our lives can change in an instant, maybe that's what is happening to me, I'm just more aware nowadays of how fragile and what a blessing it is when there are good days. Please visit me at and/or leave a donation for the Nielsons by clicking on the blue icon "donate to nie nie."
Maybe next week if I can clean up my office enough to take pictures that wouldn't mortify me if they were out in webland, I'll take a few pics to show you what a captioner's office looks like and a bit more about what I do.
have a wonderful weekend, and come back too for Pink Saturday! Peace and Joy, Suzie Button


  1. I think the older I get the more tragedies effect me. I feel like I personally knew the people involved. I pray for this family and my heart goes out to all of them. They have such a long road ahead. It's wonderful what your doing. I hope you don't mind but I'm going to put a post on my blog for people to stop by your Friday Fleamarket.


  2. Wow! Am I glad to meet you! I am one of those out there that benefits from captioning. I am hearing impaired and have been since birth. I use two hearing aids, can't hear without them. I really rely on the captioning to let me know what is going on in the news, baseball games and on TV shows and movies, etc. I have never met someone who does that job. I want to thank you so much that you do that. That is amazing!! Now I am teary-eyed because of that. I can't believe it. I am including you blog on my list of blogs. I can't wait to see what your captioning set looks like. I have always wondered about that.