Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I am behind on posting and thanking my blogger friends who have recently tagged me with awards! I'm sorry I haven't thanked you before now! I just get so caught up in "life" and get behind, but I really appreciate your kindness and thoughtfulness in tagging me! I posted the awards to your left right over there. Now, there's rules with these awards, but I really can't fulfill them as they're supposed to be, so I will just acknowledge a few blogs that I check out daily because of different aspects to them. They are:
1. Andrea Singarella at
I love Andrea's blog because her pictures inspire me! Her post just yesterday on the 28th was so dear of her son, Sam's birthday party! What a great mom too!
2. Holly from She has many items that I just have to buy, I love her, but I probably should stay away from her site so I don't go broke!
3. I recently came upon the blog "The baby gardener's baby bloggie" at and am perusing it since I'm going to have my first grandchild coming in April, and she has the sweet vintage look I just crave! If you like vintage baby items and the look, check her out!
4. Another blog I found a while back that inspires me and is eye candy is Inspire Company! I first found her section called "featured artist" and it was a site you could spend at least a full hour just clicking through with lots of links to wonderful artists and free projects for you to try! Then I checked out her main blog section at and she's just the sweetest lady and has so much patience and talent in the sweet crafts she makes and sells! I am coveting her cute sugar coated houses right now! I haven't bought one yet, but my finger is itching to click "buy now." I'm trying to restrain myself!
5. And I'll stop here at Foxgloves Fabric and Folly's blog at I know many of you visit her regularly too! It's like flipping through a professionally tailored magazine, isn't it! She has beautiful ideas every day on her blog and it's so well presented and colorful too!

There are many others I visit, but this is just a taste of those I have on my must-visit list daily!
Hugs and Kisses to all my blogger friends..... Suzie Button

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