Sunday, October 19, 2008

Conferences and Unfinished projects...

Every two years I need to attend a CEU conference to keep up my court reporter certifications, and yesterday was the day I did just that. I usually attend a Jeff Justice Seminar, he used to be a stand-up comedian, and now conducts seminars on humor and stress reduction. One of his speakers is Patti Woods, she's a famous body language expert, she's been on CNN, FOX, Inside Edition and more and has written books, she's very energetic and funny and has very interesting insights into different facets of life and how it manifests itself within us and beyond us to those in our lives. She has a blog if you're interested at andalso if you or your company needs a host for a great seminar you can go to, tell him Susan Hahaj sent you!
Anyways, I took the opportunity to work on a few projects that are not finished in my pile of unfinished crafts, and this is the result! I actually enjoyed listening, and being able to still pretty much mindlessly stitch! I think I'm getting caught up! Yeah! Suzie


  1. I have to do continuing ed too. I will be going to a seminar on Nov 13th in San Francisco. I have to call ahead, or rather my husband does, to request sign language interpreters for me. I should do that this week.

  2. Thanks for visiting my Blue Monday. The interpreters do sort of a word for word type of signing for me. I get lost when trying to follow American Sign Language. I think it is because I grew up oral and can lipread.