Friday, November 28, 2008

Our family Thanksgiving table.

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  1. steitWow, now that's the kind of table setting I like. No bright orange for me. I love the stockings you made out of the chenille bedspread too. When I was growing up chenille was the only kind of bedspreads I remember. I also remember that laying down on them got lint all over you unless it had been washed a lot of times. I love those old memories. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. I was trying to type in the word verification thing and I see it got put on my comment. I must be more careful. steit - I'm sure you wondered what that was.

  3. I love the table and I can't believe your tree is so beautiful - great idea and you are so ahead of me!

  4. Hello Sweet Suzie!

    Your Thanksgiving table looks so sweet, cozy & warm! I love how you have the Christmas tree already up in the corner! Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful and now on to Christmas!!! Pretty pink Christmas stockings you made!