Friday, November 7, 2008

PINK I've bought recently....

I am an avid online shopper, and with my daughter pregnant with my first grandchild, and it's a girl, and Christmas coming, and crafting in the air, I have purchased quite a bit of pink lately! First I found vintage ADORABLE pink dresses online that I'd like to use for decorating a nursery at my house and for my daughter's nursery, They were all in wonderful shape too! Then I found some pink Shiny Brite ornaments and vintage Poland Christmas bells that I just had to have. After that I purchased these vintage GORGEOUS headvases on ebay for the nursery, probably for my house, I go more for the vintage look, I also got a vintage baby planter which as you can see in the bottom pic only a piece made it unbroken :<( don't you hate when people don't pack carefully?! I was disappointed, but I'll keep the "baby" and maybe find a use for her. Then I also purchased a CD of vintage baby card images and great bedding for the nursery here, Megan wants a more modern look at her home. Plus I also have fallen in love with vintage wallpaper and have a great pink selection and even found a few pink vintage buttons and a vintage spool of pink thread too! Whew, that's all the shopping (until next week! Ha!) Suzie

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