Sunday, December 28, 2008

Have you played UNO FLASH yet?

This year I've been enjoying occasionally playing games with mainly my daughter and son-in-law and his parents when we get together for holidays and such. My daughter Megan purchased the new Uno Flash game and it's SO MUCH FUN! If you like UNO, this is a faster paced, flashing lights version that really picks up the pace! We played Christmas Day and will have a game night on New Year's too! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed time with their loved ones! Happy Day! Suzie


  1. This sounds like a blast! I used to play Uno, but don't exactly remember how it goes. I am sure I will remember once I get started though.

  2. I've never played UNO flash but the card game reminds me of many a family holiday!

    Victoria x