Monday, December 8, 2008

Here's my day, how was yours?

Hi, friends! I thought I'd share a typical day with you, well, Starbucks is at the top because I always rush there as fast as possible for my Americano! By the time I get my caffeine, I've usually captioned 1.5 to two hours already, and today I captioned six hours total (not all at once! Spread out over the day to 8 p.m.)
I thought I'd show you a snippet of captioning in my office, there's my stenography machine, which in the second picture is hooked up to my captioning software which dials into encoders and ta-da, I can caption programs! This particular show I'm sharing is done via audio and then replayed later, thus, my ability to take pictures of my captions! Now, this show was my sixth hour and boy, does George Stroumboulopoulos give you a workout, he must speak 300, 350 words a minute! He makes my hands hurt! But what a wonderful career this is that I have!
How was your day? Are you just as crazy, nutty busy as I am?! I'm sure you are! Suzie


  1. December days are crazy! I love the snow on your page. Lindsey tried to figure out how to get snow on ours and couldn't do it. Twyla

  2. My goodness, Suzie! I couldn't do it! I am the world's slowest typist! I do love my Starbuck's though!

  3. Today was my busy day, I'm usually lucky enough to work my contracted hours and leave on time but tonight I was late leaving as i just had so much on!!!

    Victoria xx