Friday, February 20, 2009

My Giveaway... well, kind of!!

I had promised this adorable bear as a giveaway prize from my posting the other day on my Suzie Button Weekly Side Dish, but after Linnea, who was the subject of my post, mentioned she had a bear collection, I just knew that the bear belongs with her! So, I'm sorry to change my prize here, but I'm sure you'd agree too that this sweet bear already has his heart set to live with Linnea!
I will still have a giveaway, but I need to choose something else, so give me to Monday, and come back and I'll find an even better sweet prize for those who would like to win a prize! Blessings! Suzie


  1. What a wonderful surprise! I am honored that you decided to send him to me. I was so hoping I would win this bear. Thank you so much Suzie!

  2. Good decision. This sweetie will have a wonderful home at Linnea's! I'm sure Helmi will show him around!