Sunday, March 22, 2009

Finishing up my Easter Egg Garland Swap..

But first, here are some more pretty flowers, yellow tulips this time! What a way to cheer up the day and usher in Spring!

Here's another easter egg with a vintage bunny image and some fun trimmings!

And my last egg with a bird calling in Spring! Guess what the edging is on this egg? Cupcake liners cut open flat! I love when I use items in unexpected ways!
Happy Sunday! Suzie


  1. I brought my mum some lovely multi coloured tulips for Mother's Day today... they are so cheerful.

    Victoria xx

  2. Oh those tulips are wonderful! Your eggs are cute. Cupcake liners?... Really?! What a great idea!

    Thanks for participating in my giveaway... I'll pick the winner Friday and post it Saturday.
    Have a great Sunday!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I had fun doing the Easter Egg Garland. Your eggs are adorable. I love seeing what others came up with. I didn't have a plan for mine. They just happened. It was fun. Have a super day!

  4. Love seeing you egg swap goodies -- Oh how fun If I get one of these lovelies - fingers crossed --
    Kathy - ga

  5. Hey Suzie!

    I'll bet you think I dropped off the face of the earth! Well, I have been sick with the walking pnemonia. I also was having a lot of trouble getting my pictures of your sweet little eggs off of my camera. You see I don't know how to do it and my husband has been out of town for basically two weeks. I finally pinned him down last night and said I need those pictures! hehehe He really needs to show me how to do it myself.
    Anyway, I finally have the picture of those sweet little eggs in my little egg holders. They have been sitting on my fireplace mantel everysince I got them. I haven't been able to go to the attic to get my other Easter decorations because I have just been soooo sick! I wanted to take a few pictures of them in the basket. Hopefully, I will soon!
    Take care,

  6. Those are cute! Cupcake liners huh? At first I thought it was something lacey or crocheted. Had me fooled there.