Thursday, April 23, 2009

Asian Proverbs say THIS is Good Luck?!!

I had a little AH!! moment today, I left the back door open while I took a shower, since it's such a beautiful Spring Day and guess what flew in? A BIRD! AHHH!!
It unfortunately flew upstairs to the second level and into my office/craft room! Oh, no! I was thinking to go in the room to try to do something about it while I waited for animal control to show up, so I armed my head...
and eased open the door, oh, no I can't do it! See him on my ceiling fan? He looks like he belongs there!
I was telling the story at my local Starbucks this morning and I was told that a bird in the house in Asian cultures is good luck?! Ok, I suppose...
Oh, update, the animal control guy came and successfully got him out safe and sound! Whew! Suzie


  1. You look so cute in the towel!

    And being Asian.. i'm not sure abt that one though. But i thought it will only work if the bird did "poop" on you..

    have a great Sunday!

    One Day at a Time

  2. We had a bird who made a nest and laid her eggs on a wreath on our front door last year. We decided that she could stay but everytime we opened the front door she flew inside. After the second time we decided that her nest had to be moved.

    Glad they were able to get the bird out!