Monday, September 28, 2009

Oh that was FUN!

Are you like me, trying to improve details on your blog, and struggling to figure out how to do it?
Take, for instance, a blog button. I've ALWAYS wanted one for my own and never found the instructions on how to make one. It was like a blogger mystery or inside secret!
Look over to your right!
See my NEW button?!
Isn't she a cutie as my image?
And, where, you say did I learn this insider trick?! Well, from the FABULOUS blog Sneaky Momma Blog Design

and I'm SO happy ECSTATIC about it!

Yes, it doesn't take much to make me happy, it's true!

There's more I want to learn, but I need to retire for the day and read my book and love on my husband dogs!


  1. Your button (and blog!) is adorable! Thank you so much for blogging about my blog. I really appreciate it! :)

  2. Suzie! That is so sweet of you to post my giveaway on your blog. I feel so honored! Thanks so much for your help is spreading the word!!!