Sunday, October 25, 2009

Amazing Pictures!

My daughter discovered Heather C. King Photography from a friend several years ago and I'm so glad because we've had awesome sessions with my grandbaby, Madison, with her!
Here's one from a couple weeks ago...

And here is one from her first session as a newborn...

And we had senior pictures taken of my daughter, Katie, with Heather also!
and they were just fantastic!
If you live in the Dallas vicinity and want a great photographer, just visit my link above! Happy Sunday!


  1. Hi Suzie, Madison is just growing so fast, and boy is she pretty! She's so "girly"! She almost looks like the baby in your lamp!!!
    You have a beautiful daughter too...Isn't having grandkids just THE BEST!!!

  2. Hi, Susie! Thank you for visiting my blog! I am thrilled that you are my swap partner. I am going to start on your Altered Cabinet Card also. I chose to comment on this post as your beautiful grandaughter was the inspiration for the cabinet card that I picked out! That is all I am telling, the rest is a suprise!~~~~~Lyn G. The Lion