Sunday, October 18, 2009

Make it Pretty, Please!

Hi, Friends! Well, I lived through the conference yesterday and am here today to share some pretties with you.
It's funny how there are "decorating" trends and icon symbol crazes that move through our lives, isn't it? Like I remember when I was little, like 7 or 8, in the beginning of the 1980s and the Smiley Face was SO in! One of the strong memories I had was of my love for the Smiley dress my Mom had a friend sew me! I loved that dress, a white background with big smiley faces all over it!
I could go on into how popular different decorating styles were, I remember when wall sponging and the craze over wall stencils came out, I was stenciling up on a chair for hours in my bedrooms and living rooms. (The only problem with the whole wall stenciling is when you need to paint your walls, it's hard to paint just up to and not over your wall stencils, and if you paint over them, well, there went all the HOURS of back-breaking stenciling you did!)
Anyways, I was at Hob Lob the other day with my daughter and pointed out to her, look now at the popularity of the "decorated bottles." There were so many to choose from! I knew Megan also was into this craze of bottles, and it's easy to see why! They're so pretty gathered together, so feminine and eye-catching!
Megan has quite a few bottles that she's deposited in my craft room to glitz up, and I try to please (good 'ol people pleaser me!) and here are a few of the results recently...
This bottle was from Hob Lob (Half OFF! only $3.50!) and I had this rhinestone crown that's been in my craft drawer for a while now, so hello E6000 glue, and now it sparkles!
The next bottle took a bit more thought, because though it was a pleasing shape, it was just a flat boring glass, no etchings or special color tints...
So I decided to make it more Christmasy by putting something inside it to sparkle and add interest, hence, into the odds n' ends craft drawer, and the iridescent trim out and into the bottle and then into the trims drawer for some pretty, feminine lacy trim and then, oh, look, there's a glittery ornament, I broke it in half and glued it on top and it's now got presence!
One more little bottle to go, and this one I thought at first needed to be a "Halloween" bottle because it was a little cloudy, dirty looking, but Megan didn't want that, she wanted pretty...
So back into the trim drawer and I dug through and found a little flower bouquet and I went through my images and found one just the right size to cover up and beautify the dirtiness inside the bottle, and now it's pretty enough to sit among all the other bottles!
What trends and crazes of crafts and decorating do you remember?
Have a Happy, Love filled Sunday!

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