Friday, October 30, 2009

Sweet Pink Saturday!

Hi, Friends! Happy Sweet Pink Saturday to you and thanks, as usual, to our lovely host Beverly at How Sweet the Sound
I picked up my copy today of...

Oh, yes! So Lovely and PINK! Let's delve right in, shall we?!
We're just beginning! We need to also think of our decorations for our homes...

Ah, so LOVELY!
Let's have a few pink sprinkled cookies...
And shop online at Grandin Road for Martha Stewart glitter houses, shall we?! YES!
Just imagine in your mind's eye your home all decorated and you're inside warm and cozy...

Enjoying a pink candy cane cookie

And a little cupcake too!

Our children will join us in our joy of the season!

Oh, let the season begin!

Happy Pink Saturday, Friends, from Suzie Button & her sweetie pie granddaughter Madison too! OH, she's so precious!


  1. Hi Suzie Button - Your little granddaughter just gets cuter all the time. Am I having fun...well, sometimes...LOL. How about you. I want to craft but haven't done much lately. Soon, though...xoxo Nancy

  2. Oooh, lots of sweet pink things to tempt the taste buds :)

    happy pink saturday Suzie - have a lovely week too.

    ciao for now,
    Elena :)

  3. I have a sugar rush just looking at all of Martha's sweet's. Ugh. Not good for my diet!!!!!! Awwww miss madi is just a doll baby!

    ps turn off your word verification it's a-noy-ying. LOL

  4. I'd like some of the pink bell candies, if you please! Great Pink Saturday post, Suzie! Enjoy your day!!!

  5. CHRISTMAS/HOLIDAYS......!!! I want Martha's life where everything looks so organized and ready. I think what we're all doing wrong is not having a team of helpers to achieve this bliss. Ha! The photo of your granddaughter is priceless. What a beautiful photo.

    Happy PS,

    p.s. The cupcake outfit you made for her is just adorable.

  6. Mmm, yummy pink goodies!

    Happy Halloween and Happy Pink Saturday!
    Chris Verstraete
    Searching for a Starry Night, A Miniature Art Mystey - bff's, a missing mini painting and a nosy Dachshund = a fun kid's mystery!

  7. The cupcake out fit is just too sweet!! Christmas- wow it is coming upon us quickly!

  8. Sweet and pink are just made for each other...and Martha put them together in a magazine. She seems to know what she is doing (lol). Looks like it will be one sweet pink Saturday.

  9. Oh Suzie, lets get baking, that puts me in the mood for sure. I went this past week for my flu shot and came home with four baking Holiday magazines, now I need to find the time to read AND to bake, Happy Pink Saturday and Happy Halloween too, Char

  10. Happy Pink Saturday and Happy Halloween!

    Love this fabulous post and Madison is such a cutie!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  11. I love the pinks you've chosen to share with us today. Have a great Pink Saturday and enjoy the weekend.

  12. Yum!!!!! Such pretty pinks. Happy Halloween and Pink Saturday!

  13. Fingers crossed we'll get that addition in the UK!

    Victoria xx

  14. Hello, HPS (I'm participating vicariously) and happy Halloween. Lovely Post! My favorite holiday is today because it involves costumes and fantasy. And candy of course, but I'm not indulging in that this year. I am at the store, dressed up as a witch and looking very scary I'm sure.

    Have a great day! xJ

  15. Your granddaughter is adorable - love all your pinks today! Happy Pink Saturday!

  16. Suzie Happy Pink Sat,I love this book by Martha Stewart.I can't wait for her dec issue to come out too.Hugs,Jen
    ps your granddaughter costume is so cute!

  17. Hello Suzie; All those delish photos,,, I think I have gained some lbs. by just' your grand daughter is just a doll,,,, have a wonderful Pink weekend...


  18. Luscious! Yum yum... and your granddaughter is cute enough to eat as well. I love the cossie.

    This week my post isn't pink at all (although it may be a little red in tooth and claw...)

    Happy Halloween and Spooky Pink Saturday!

  19. Cute pink post and cute grandbaby girl. Happy PS!

  20. Ok, I am positively DROOLING here over the sweets !! :) Your granddaughter is absolutely Precious and her Cupcake Costume is WAY cute !!! :) Hope you have been well :) Happy Pink Saturday !! :)

  21. Hi: Thank you for visiting my blog. I love to make new friends. Your little grandbaby is as cute as a button! All those sweets make me hungry! Blessings, Martha

  22. Uh... so yummy
    Happy Pink Saturday!!!

  23. OH dear SUZIE! thanks for stopping by just got back from a weekend with the hubby to celebrate 15 years, and wanted to stop by. Love your fab blog! Hope you had a lovely pink Saturday! Love the post :)