Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Weight Loss Wednesday

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Snacks. Appetizers. Cookies and Candy. Cakes and pies.
All pitfalls for weight loss!

And yet here we are heading straight into Candy Mania on Halloween!

And it doesn't get easier as November and December hits.
I need a plan, a very BIG plan to not sabotage losing weight.
See, I can gain weight by just LOOKING at it, REALLY!
So I'm going to make my holidays brighter by searching out a lower fat way to be satisfied..
So it's Halloween night and I want a meal that is appropriate for Fall and something just a little sweet too...
How about a low-fat Chili for 6 WW points?

Add a little non-fat cheddar to the top for an additional one or two points.
Then we need a little sweet roll to hit the craving for sweet and breads...
So I found a mini muffin Pumpkin Walnut for ONE WW point!!
YUM! Pumpkin is DEFINITELY one of my Fall favorites!
When the kids come home with their stash I will probably not be happy with just a mini muffin so I need dessert!
Again, I'm partial to Pumpkin And also cheesecake!
Here's a combo with Lowfat Pumpkin Cheesecake now it's really healthy, but don't go wild here because it's still a treat and we can eat just a bite, ok? And the recipe really does look lowfat, so I say enjoy a sliver, a SLIVER, I said, NOT half a pie! Goodness!
Enjoy yourself and I'll meet you back here next week!
Be sure to visit Weight Loss Wednesday participants at Rosey Little Things to get more tips and to meet fellow dieters!
P.S. I only lost .4 (yes, less than half a pound!) last week but I soldier onward anyways!


  1. ooh I love the muffins they look yummy and my son would love them. Good job on loosing weight I haven't actually weighed myself this week so I' don't know how much I lost or gained. Good luck

  2. .4 is something......and oh those treats look so yummy. I love pumpkin muffins so I must try them.

    Weight watchers is working well for me so far....1 week down....many more to go :)

  3. ohhh no! I did not even think of the candy coming up. My daughter is allergic to corn and peanuts, so we will send most of hers to the children's hospital. Thanks for visiting me today. I hope to how another room where I have made progress and maybe even loose a few lbs. working on it.

  4. I'm off to check out the recipe lines, esp the chilli one it's my favourite!

    Well done on the weight loss this week

    Victoria xx

  5. .4 is better than gaining! Way to go! Have a great week!