Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Hi, Friends, Have you had the pleasure yet of reading..

I really enjoyed it! It's so well written, you just fall right into the story and can't let go! The author is Jeannette Walls, author of "The Glass Castle" and like that book, this book is based on her family history and her Grandmother specifically.
I thought I'd share one paragraph that talks about what it was like to experience rain after a long drought...
"To live in a place where water was so scarce made the rare moments like this - when the heavens poured forth an abundance of water and the hard earth softened and turned lush and green - seem magical, almost miraculous. The kids had an irresistible urge to get out and dance in the rain, and I always let them go and sometimes joined them myself, all of us prancing around, arms upraised, as the water beat down on our faces, plastering our hair and soaking our clothes."

Doesn't that just create an image in your mind of pure joy to relieve the daily struggles that they must have been experiencing?!
This book, in my ratings anyway, gets FIVE stars out of FIVE! You really should read it!


  1. Suzie thank you for the book recommendation. I love a good read. I also love the ribbon garland you purchased from 'Neath the Wreath'. I'm sure the one you make will look just as cute. Always fun to come visit you.
    Hugs and glitter, Patti

  2. I loved The Glass Castle and can't wait to read this book!