Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Warm Loving Feeling!

I've already moved ahead to February 2010 in my mind! Somehow New Years has already occurred and I'm feeling that "lovin' feeling" for Valentine's Day!

Maybe it's because I REALLY SHOULD start crafting my Valentine's Day gifts NOW instead of waiting last minute as I seem to always do!
I'm thinking ribbon, pretty cremes, pinks and reds...

You can find the directions for these Ribbon Roses here
After we both make a bunch of beautiful roses, this little cone with a pretty image or a picture of you and your friends would make a lovely gift!

Or make roses and fill a Handmade Heart and spread your love to your friends!


  1. Those hearts are lovely, but it really is too early to be thinking about February! Hope you had a lovely Christmas.

  2. I agree..if I start now,I will be ready for Valentines Day. If I wait..I'll never finish in time. Thanks for the link to the roses, they're beautiful.