Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Weight Loss.... Carbonara!

Hi, Friends! It's been a few weeks since I've participated in Weight Loss Wednesday
but there is, surprisingly, good news on the weight loss homefront, I lost 3.5 pounds since I last posted on the topic! Whew! And this is with having made it through Thanksgiving! I have a "cute" story on my Weight Watcher weigh in after missing three weeks of meetings (truly, I had to work and couldn't go, not MY fault!) in a bit, but, first, I wanted to share a recipe story first.
I bought this cookbook at my Weight Watchers meeting...

I was drawn in by the "comfort" word! Don't we all love those favorite comfort foods, especially as winter starts to head our way!
Last night I saw this recipe and made it...

Let's say it together, YUMMY! Yes, it was delish and EASY and FAST! I made a couple substitutions, instead of fresh chicken cooked up, I used frozen grilled chicken strips I had in the freezer and instead of white fettucine, I bought whole wheat, which, btw, will lower points due to the fiber in the product and it tastes better, yes, less calories and tastes better than white flour pasta! Weird!
Then I was flipping through this magazine I picked up at Half Price books...

and, lo and behold (NO! Not the star over Bethlehem, silly!) there's a "regular" recipe for...


Ok, there's NO chicken in the higher calorie/fat recipe AND one serving is 21 points!!! 888 calories verus 311! 55 grams of Fat versus 7!!
That's more than most people's WHOLE day's worth of points! This is what Weight Watchers teaches you, is that it's really the small things that can really make a difference! Wow! Try the lower fat version, you'll LOVE it!
Now to the funny Weight Watchers story. Well, over Thanksgiving, my daughter brings a pumpkin pie to my house that she had because SHE didn't want to eat it, and Pumpkin Pie is one of my FAVORITES! So BAD news for me!
So I go to the meeting the week after Thanksgiving with my daughter who has been exercising like a crazy woman (me, well, (embarassingly admit) not at all) and she goes first. She lost .8 lbs, and complains when she gets off the scale and we all reassure her it's muscle she's gaining, which IS true! So I get on the scale and the WW lady says well, you've lost what she wanted to, 3.5 pounds! Which then Megan says REALLY LOUDLY in front of the WW leader, I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! She ate a WHOLE pumpkin pie by HERSELF! Ha,ha! Which makes it sound like I sat down with a fork and the pie pan and just ATE it in one swoop! Well, that was the laugh of the meeting. She's so funny!
Ok, that's all, hope your week was a loss for you too!


  1. I loved your story, I find the same thing happens to me. I indulge and loose weight and my friends or family have gone without and not lost as much!

    Victoria xxx

  2. that is super funny! Way to go on the weight loss:)

  3. I can't believe you are losing weight during the hardest time of the year. Good for you!
    Did you hear squeels of delight eminating from Arizona yesterday?
    You package arrived. You wrapped all the lovely goodies up so beautiful. My heart is full. Thank you so much. I will be showcasing my new treasures on the 23rd (I think). I'll keep you posted.
    Blessings to you.