Friday, March 12, 2010

Pleated Flower Tutorial

I promised you a (rose garden) NO!
But I will share a cute flower tutorial with you!
Here we go!
I use 12 x12 paper and I accordion fold it
back and forth
11 times

Fold it in half and find the middle
and ZIP, Cut it in half!

Then fold one half in half (I'm getting dizzy here!)
and yeah, I cheat, I use HOT GLUE
to glue the two middle edges together
right there in the center of the "fan"

There it is all nice and stuck together
(I don't know where the black line came from in the picture)

Then with the leftover strip cut it in half also...

Yep, hot glue one half strip to one edge of your fan...

Then hot glue the other strip to both edges of the fan and the strip
and you have a cone that you can lay on the table
and open up and TA-DA you have a pleated flower!

Use buttons, etc to hold the flower open
Yeah, I use hot glue
I know it's not "paper" glue
but it works and it's FAST!
Have a wonderful Friday!


  1. I love,love,looooovvveeeeeee's just the cutest flower ever. And.. I have some really pretty paper.But first,I have to practice. Thank you Susie,for the tutorial and for all the other wonderful things you share with us.

  2. Thank you for all of these flower classes!!!

  3. Cute! I like the low temp hot glue guns because I have burned fingers on both hands! Deep painful burns! So I always need to keep a cup of cold water near when I glue! Thanks for sharing. ♥♪