Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Saving O' the Green

Happy St. Patrick's Day  from me...
I DO feel lucky because
You're here to celebrate the wearin' of the green with me!
I wanted to share a couple things with you today
First off, I made my FIRST card by hand today...
Isn't it just ADORABLE?!
And the inside of the card...
I find that using stickers makes it a no fail way to create!
No slip of the inkpad or messy handwriting attempts
though you do have to position carefully!
My inspiration for my beautiful card came from Scrapbook Trends Magazine Online Card magazine March 2010 page 25...
And what I love most about this online site is that you can purchase all their magazines
as an ONLINE only version for a
FRACTION of the price of buying them in the store
PLUS you have reduced the buildup of magazines piling up around the house!
I was thinking that I'd LOVE all of the magazines I adore to all become available
online so that I could free up the clutter in my house
because I have found I enjoy the magazines MORE online than otherwise.
Well, one, because I work near a computer all day so they're readily available to flip through
when I have a free minute.
Number two, the ads inside are all mouse clickable to take you right to websites for that product.
This is fantastic as I don't forget to look it up later like I do with paper copies.
I click as I flip through the magazine
Number three, I can make images larger with one click...
I can bookmark projects I like for later...
and for $9.99 a month I get all their crafty magazines each month
which is a LOT cheaper than buying them in the store!
Come on, Mary Englebreit, couldn't you start an online version
of your beloved Home Companion for us?!!
Happy St. Patrick's Day!


  1. Wow, what a gorgeous Easter cake! Looks like you are having a wonderful time creating things for Easter.

    Happy Pink Saturday,


  2. I can sympathize with you when it comes to a studio that looks like yours does. It's a constant battle to keep mine in some semblance of order. But, to make myself feel better, I have a very lovely little plaque that says, "Creative Mess is Better Than Idle Neatness" - and I truly believe that. lol

  3. Suzie,

    I feel your pain with all the glitter and mess. Thank goodness my glitz and glam station is in my basement.

    I just adore the second Easter bunny and would love to give him a new home.

    Happy Pink Saturday,


  4. Suzie!! I think you should just do away with that number generator and just send that green cake to me!! It is absolutely adorable!! I love, love, love your creations!!

  5. What lovely creations and I think everyone has a studio that looks like that when they are in the process of creating!! Who has time to be neat when all those ideas are whirling around in our heads!!

  6. Great giveaway!

    And "puked Easter"? OMG- that has to be funniest thing I've heard all week! Great!

    Sorry for my late visit but glad I could get here and enjoy PS!

    Happy PINKS!

    In shoes we trust,
    Maggie Mae
    "Do these shoes match this purse?"

  7. I am envious that you have a studio! I have a cluttered bedroom and a dining room table!
    I LOVE your little cakes! My fave is #2...I think...but #1 is awful darling...But I think it's #2! and I posted about it so 4 entries (yippee!) Hope you are having a great weekend! hugs! karen....

  8. What cute bunnies! I think I like the second one. Your daughter is comical with her statement! One never knows what these young people are going to come out with. Happy Pink Saturday.

  9. How beautiful your cakes are, and if your craft room was not messy, it would mean that you are not having fun. Happy Pink Saturday! thands so much for visiting me.

  10. Happy Pink Saturday, Suzie. Girl, you had me laughing aloud. When my son was a teenager, he said it looked like Santa threw up over our house. Aren't our children a delight?! ;-)

    The green one is my favorite, but I love both. I've got my fingers crossed. Thank you for this opportunity to win.

  11. Happy pink a little late! Sign me up! DE
    I like the first one pictured.

  12. Wow the cakes are just gorgeous!!! I just put two BIG pictures on my blog for your giveaway, so hopefully folks will be blogging today. (also the info lol)

  13. Did I win yet, did I win yet! Only kidding! I posted a sneak peek of our swap on my blog so don't go there unless you want to be a cheater, cheater pumpkin eater! hee! hee!
    Only kidding! hope your weekend is great! karen....

  14. Hi Suzie! I finally got a chance to visit everyone so belated Happy Pink! Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment. Your studio is perfect the way it is! A happy creative glitter covered mess just like mine! Your cakes a adorable, my favorite is the 2nd one. I think my Mrs Penny Bunnie would love to display it at her next tea party! Have a great week.

  15. Oh please enter me if it's not too late!!! I just found your amazing blog and you're giveaway is so adorable and sweet!!!
    Love it!!!
    Thank you,

  16. Happy mid-week Pink Saturday! Beautiful bunnies and cakes! We are having a giveaway too.