Monday, April 12, 2010


BIG SALE was written on a neon pink board right there this past Friday as I was driving down the road after lunch with my daughter, and who can resist a "big sale"? Not me!
I became overly excited when I saw the sale was inside the house in the neighborhood, I'm smelling an estate sale!
It was! Oh, yeah! I saw some things I wanted and couldn't buy, like three antique storefront spool holders, two for $100 each and the large one for $350, but I did find some vintage/antique postcards with pretty images!
I bought a few...
Love this! They were marked $2 each but I got them for a buck each...

and also some wonderful religious images...

We get home later and I'm thinking to myself,
WHY didn't I offer to buy the whole box from them?!
I love these!
My daughter says, let it go, Mom. You have enough.
I can't stop thinking I wanted the rest of them.
I think about it all day, and the next day while I'm working
and decide I just HAVE to go back and see what's left.
I have hubby go with me..
A lot of the good ones were gone, they said one woman spent $70 on hers!
They count them and say, well, there's 200 in here!
Um, well, how about $65?
I offer $45, and they say ok.
My husband thinks I'm nuts...

My daughter just again said, Oh, Mom...

Don't you HAVE to answer when your heart is called?


  1. Hi Suzie,
    I'm so glad that they still had some of them when you went back.
    They are wonderful and yes, if they spoke to you then by all means make them yours.

    So pretty and touching.


  2. I'd have gone back for them, also ... when I feel a passion for something, I follow my instincts. They are lovely ... we had a lot of those when we were in Catholic school, I still have some.

    Have a wonderful day.
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  3. I have many holy cards and my original scapular from my days at Catholic school.

    Memories...I am so glad you found these! They are beautiful.

    Hugs Anne

  4. These cards are so pretty to look at. I love the one about the bee. The one about medicinal bath was funny. I kept reading it to make sure I was reading it right.

    By the way, I'm feeling much better, thanks so much for asking. Must have been something I ate. Thank goodenss the kiddies didn't get sick.

    Have a wonderful Wednesday!!

  5. Love the new art! Such springy treasures!