Friday, April 2, 2010

Bringing Easter to Baby

I had the grand idea that my grandbaby Madison, though just two days short of her first birthday, really needed to be part of the tradition of Easter egg coloring.
So I covered the table and prepared the dyes...
Cooked the eggs...

and popped Madison in the highchair and gave her some dye packages to choose from...

Ah, and yes Madi has her first boo-boo on the forehead due to
learning to walk! UGH!
We tried the sticker on the egg to have M for
and then Madison reached over and knocked over the orange dye and I realized
Hey, she's just a baby, no coloring for her this year...
too messy
too staining on baby's skin
too stressful overall
so we ended it
and Grandma did it alone later!


  1. Hi Suzie! Thanks again for my adorable basket you made for me. I have it on my fireplace for everyone to see! Happy Easter and enjoy your day, Marcia

  2. Everything is just beautiful.....I love the faux cakes...they are so pretty...the little basket you made with the chicks and the eggs around the bottom is just adorable.......melinda

  3. Happy Pink Saturday and Happy Easter! Wow, what a wonderful Easter swap, so many pretties.
    I love your cake with the little baby chicks. But Baby Madison is the sweetest!

  4. Happy Pink Saturday! Your pinks are so pretty; especially your last one! So adorable! Love the faux cakes! Wishing you and your family a Very Happy Easter.


  5. Your baskets are really sweet :) Love all of the goodies around the bottoms :) And the notebooks are adorable. Your cakes came out really great, Yummy !!!! :) Of course Madison is the Cutest Easter Gift :) Thanks so much for joining my swap :) Hugs :) :)

  6. Your baskets are 2 DIE 4. What a wonderful thing to have been apart of. I am so glad that I was able to join. You seem to have had fun with the faux cakes. Did you girls do a tutorial anywhere on them ? I have always wanted to learn. Kath' at

  7. such a pretty Easter post!! HAppy Easter!!

  8. What greatt sweet baskets you received! Love that banner, very cute! Your faux Easter Cakes are so yummy too!

    But love your sweet precious g-baby! Darling Large Cupcake!


  9. What lovely baskets and the cakes look so darn adorable! Thanks for sharing!