Thursday, April 15, 2010

Free (almost) is Great!

In the last few weeks I've run across blogs advertising this or that being given away for FREE on different sites (except for postage) and I took advantage and I'm so pleased with the results!
The first freebie was oversized giant postcards!
I decided to get the free postcards in a birthday style...
And I'll never be without a card to mail out or if I need one!
plus, these are a great size so there are craft potentials here!
And then I saw free business cards...
And I decided to make mine into blog cards for swaps or for get togethers with other bloggers...
And I used a photo from my wreath I made a couple weeks ago as the background!
Lovely!  I was thrilled!
And even more thrilled when I turned over onto the back where I chose this design for there..

I can see these becoming the beginnings of an ATC card, can't you?!
You can get your free business cards here at Vista Prints
and the free cards at Moo are gone but they have a discount
What else is free, you say?
Well, here's some to ponder....
A free canvas print from
I took advantage of this too with this result...

It's really become one of my fave pictures to display.
And even though it's now over, I also made Tax Day a bit free!
With this coupon...

We got there when they opened and BOY OH BOY
were they crazy busy!
And I don't want you to feel left out so go to
for some FREE fries on Friday, April 16th, ok?!
Tell Jack Suzie Button sent you, ha,ha!

And for dessert you can have free...

by becoming a Fan of them on Facebook.
I know, this is not on the diet!
Have a great Friday!
P.S. Did you sign up yet too to have a chance to win my free children's book?

It runs through April 25th!


  1. LOVE Vista Print!! Thanks for the other info!
    Hugs, Lisa

  2. Those postcards are so cute and I love your "business" cards. I'll have to go visit that site. of course, the pic of your grand daughter is the best deal you found! Pretzel m&ms....yummy. Are you on Facebook Suzie? Look me up!

  3. Hey, Suzie:

    Happy Pink Saturday! So cute, but you know that! :-)

    I'm tempted to go get the free cards, but FOCUS, Nan! I must paint, and clean, and sort, and organize.

    Love love love your gathering of freebies.

  4. Awe, love the babies, especially Madison!

    Happy PS,

  5. Oh my heavens these pictures almost make me want another one. Tee Hee! If you have a moment please check me out at
    I am also having a teapot giveaway! Happy Pink Saturday! Hugs,

  6. How adorable those babies are!
    Happy Pink!