Friday, April 23, 2010

Pink, Pink Glorious Saturday!

I felt so alive, so blessed with the presence of God’s beauty when I saw these photos from my friend Debie of the trees blooming to overflow in Osaka, Japan where she’s living…aca6

                                                 (THANKS, DEBIE, FOR LETTING ME SHARE!)

                                     No artist could match the tenderness of these pinks, could they?

            And I thought I’d mix in also today on this beautiful PINK SATURDAY WITH OUR  HOST  BEVERLY a few dear vintage cards I found at an antiques shop for a quarter each…

aca1                                                  I’ve framed them up pretty to show you today…

                                                              Soon it will be Mother’s Day!

                                                                       This card was from 1952, written tiny inside…

 aca2a                                        Now back to more beautiful blossoms in Japan…

aca7                                                          I’m so amazed at just how FULL the branches are…

                                                                                 just overflowing!

aca3a                                                             Isn’t this card above just so sweet?!

                                                            And the flowers just keep blooming!

aca8                                                I’d love to have a vase full of these to celebrate

                                                                Pink Saturday, wouldn’t you?!

aca5                                And one last vintage beauty of a card today to share! 

                                               I hope you have a beautiful, flower filled vintage soaked Pink Saturday! 


  1. yes, those are just beautiful, I agree with you. Happy Pink Saturday! hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Your digital art is just going from strength to strength! I particularly love how you've displayed the 1952 card (year I was born, lol) and adore the rose frame effect! (Don't suppose I could copy it could I? Pretty pretty please??) GLORIOUS photos, a pleasure to view, all of them.

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  3. Oh those blooms are certainly gorgeous!

    All wonderful pinks!

    Happy Pink Saturday!

    In Shoes We Trust,
    "Do these shoes match this purse?"

  4. Suzie, I love the cherry blossoms and your photoshop skills are just fabulous. The frames are just as pretty. Wish we lived closer so you could tutor me! Can't wait to see you at Paper Cowgirl. xoxo Nancy

  5. Happy Pink Saturday. Those are beautiful flowers. And the notes inside the cards are neat. Thanks, Jenn

  6. Stunning flowers for Pink Saturday, thank you for sharing these treasures.

  7. Happy Pink Saturday!!

    Rats! If I had known you lived near Canton I would have tried to meet up with you! Were you at the sale April 1-4? You are so lucky to live near it cuz it is quite a spectacle!! I'd visit again if I didn't have to drive hundreds of miles from MO!! :)

    LOVE your pink florals and the wonderful cards!! I need to practice photo editing...I have PShop Elements 6 and can't do anything cept crop!! I'm pretty useless with the computer! :)

    Have a great Sunday! dana