Thursday, April 29, 2010

This IS Texas, after all!

I’m thrilled to be attending my THIRD annual Paper Cowgirl Art            Retreat this  June…

                                      So in this instance, well, here I am!

acowg2                                      (I’ve given up smoking and low cut tops recently)

I am so excited not just for the two days of crafting and hanging with

                      old and new cowgirl friends and bloggers…

                              but also because I’ve signed up for several swaps!

    One of the swaps are 8 x 8 scrapbook pages for each swapper to create

                                     to have a scrapbook to remember our fun weekend.

               I began the pages tonight and it’s getting fun around here!

acowg1            I’m a huge fan of the vintage children’s books and their sweet images…

                                          You are too, I know!

                                                  Here’s just the first page I made, 19 more to go!

         I found the BEST Etsy store Scraps of Time years ago and she is so sweet…

                              she even dug through and personalized my ephemera purchase

                                                      to include specifically cowgirl images!

acowg6                                  Aren’t they just precious?!!

acowg8                                                      Ride those pretty horses, cowgirl!

acowg9                                       Lookie here, there’s even a Susan in this story!

            I’m also signed up with other FUN swaps that I’ll share another day!

        I’m off to the world’s largest flea market Canton Trade Days for this

                                                   Friday, but I’ll see you this weekend, gals!


  1. What a delightful array of goodies you shared with us here today!
    I really enjoyed visiting and it brought a huge smile to my face!

  2. Hi Suzie! Love the paper doll! (Could you have guessed I would?!).. Well, ALL the images are so SWEET today! Wish I could shop at this "antique building" you speak of!!!.. Love those boots too! Madison going to love them!! Even little girls want to make a fashion statement all their own, don't they?!! So CUTE!!.. Happy Pink Saturday, and hope you're enjoying this beautiful weekend! ~tina

  3. How cute! Those pics are precious, and I love the cowgirl pic too! Have a happy happy pink!

  4. Good Morning and Happy Pink Saturday! Canton - I've always intended but never been. Gee. Looks like you found some great stuff. Love those bling boots! I love you comment "This IS Texas, after all" ... thanks, Jenn

  5. Happy Pink Saturday. You got some great goodies at Canton, I haven't been in years! Love the little boots! Your blog is always so cheerful, thanks for sharing and have a great week!