Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tiny Spaces, Big Impact!

                 I had a tiny window of free time yesterday and stole away to a local antique store.
                      Nothing spells “free time” and “relaxation” to me than an antiques store!
                            I found several goodies and I thought I’d share a couple today…
Actually I’ve always wanted one of these printer drawers because I love the nooks and crannies…
    I also found these small cabinet cards and fell in love with not only the images from long ago,
                                                                   but also the size, perfect!
adraw3             Now I can also display some of the iron pieces I’ve had in a container and not seen…
adraw2                                                           Don’t you just LOVE old envelopes?

                               A few vintage earrings, until I use them in a project, that is..
adraw7                                      My vintage shakers with glitter in them make me smile…
adraw8                                                   A little Martha Stewart glitter works too!
adraw9                                         Here’s a beautiful ring my friend made me, it’s a treasure!
                                        I hope you’re having a wonderful Wednesday and you find
                                                                            some treasures too!  

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  1. Oh I have always loved these!!! I saw one recently in a store but the slots were very very small. I don't need to start a collection because I buy a piece! hehe SO I will look for one that will at least hold a glitter canister, I like rubber stamps in them too! Enjoy!
    Hugs, Lisa

  2. Love your arrangement. And your photos. My daughter says I always add too much saturation to my photos, but I like the way the colors pop! Do you use Picnik?

    I have several printer trays, but in my current house, none are hanging. I don't have a lot of available wall space, especially to prop things that might fall if they get bumped!

  3. Your printer's drawer turned out fabulous with all the pretty vintage pictures and ephemera. I filled one of mine with family photos and my second one is in the works with a theme much like yours. I love cabinet cards too!

  4. Ohhhhh I super heart love it! Did you take down the pink shelf to put that up? That shelf would look sooooo good in my bathroom......just sayin'!

  5. Amazing! I love it! What neat little treasures too!

  6. It looks great Suzie! I'm sending out messages to the universe in the hope I find one of these at the boot sales over the summer!

    Victoria xx

  7. I love all of those treasures! I love old photos. I have black and white photos of my parents from when they were teens and newly married. They look so wholesome and fresh. I have clip on earrings, almost identical to the photo, that belonged to my mom. I put them on a miniature Christmas tree.

    Thank you so much for linking to Woo Hoo! Wednesday and joining the party!

  8. I've always loved those old print drawers also, they make such great displays! Great little finds you've used. Love the old envelope! Kathy

  9. Old photos are the best! The envelope is pretty, but so are all the other things!